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Middle School

The Middle School years (grades 6-8) are a critical time in the intellectual, social, and emotional development of young people. At Newark Academy, we offer a dedicated Middle School program designed by an experienced faculty who know the importance of joining exploration with skill building and self-actualization with direct instruction.

As a result:
  • Our fledgling writers learn how to add analysis and personal voice to sound structure and style
  • Our budding mathematicians and scientists begin to apply abstract concepts to practical problem-solving
  • And our growing foreign language students build the bridge between conjugation and conversation

Along the way, they also learn the importance of respect for others, the delights of genuine collaboration, and the satisfaction of embracing challenge. Of course, at this age, young people learn best when they are fully engaged and having fun. To this end, the Middle School has an experiential focus that encourages students to be truly involved. This extends beyond the classroom and into the students’ activities, relationships with others and overall growth. And in a small Middle School like ours, young students have an extraordinary opportunity to lead the discussion, join the Student Council, make the team, act in the play, and organize the environmental project.

While Newark Academy’s Middle School has its own distinctive programs and spaces, we have all the advantages that come with being connected to the Upper School.

Benefits here include a strong percentage of faculty members who also teach at the Upper School level, access to all of the library and technology resources the school has to offer, first-rate arts and athletics facilities, and automatic admission to the Upper School upon successful completion of our Middle School program.