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Course listings reflect the 2014 schedule. Information and applications for Summer 2015 will be updated in December.  Please check back with us.  Thank you.
Courses for Advanced Credit, Enrichment and More!
The Summer Session at Newark Academy offers courses for advanced credit, enrichment and skill development, as well as preview courses in core subjects. The classes, taught by a talented faculty, are small, providing an excellent academic experience. All summer session classrooms are air-conditioned. 

Advance Credit Courses meet June 23 to August 1, four hours daily for a total of 120 hours and are for students seeking to further their academic studies in the summer. These courses are equivalent in rigor and content to full-year programs at Newark Academy. Students can take advance credit courses for enrichment, or with their school’s approval, transfer the course for credit at their respective schools.  There are no classes on Friday, July 4.
Preview Courses are two-hour courses designed for students who want substantial exposure to courses they will take in the fall. Preview courses are offered in math and science, and allow students to consider taking another two-hour course in the summer session. They meet June 23 to August 1, two hours daily for a total of 60 hours. Students in preview courses will cover approximately half of the entire course material over a six-week period. Students who wish to preview a specific math subject for less than six weeks should enroll in the Math Clinic.  There are no classes on Friday, July 4.

Enrichment Courses for older students, such as writing and literature workshops, are offered June 23 to August 1, two hours daily for a total of 60 hours. Enrichment courses for younger students focus on developmental work in the critical areas of reading, English, math, science and study skills. These courses are offered in various time slots and on various dates. See information in course descriptions.  There are no classes on Friday, July 4.
For more detailed information, please view Course Offerings.

New Specialized Workshops for 2014

Specialized workshops
, taught by Newark Academy faculty, offer students a variety of opportunities to expand their intellectual and artistic horizons. These workshops allow students to step outside traditional academic coursework to discover and deepen new skills and passions. New offerings for Summer 2014 include:

Tap/Jazz/Ballet Dance Workshops / Grades 6-8
Advanced Tap Dance Workshop / Grades 7-12
Advanced Modern Dance Workshop / Grades 7-12
Introduction to Film Studies / Grades 10-12
Globalization in the Modern World / Grades 8 -12
Diversity in the Modern World / Grades 8-12
JTole Jazz Academy / Grades 7-12
Advanced Model United Nations Institute / Grades 8-12

For detailed information, please visit our Summer 2014 Course Offerings.
New for Summer 2014
Additions: Jump Start Program
for Grades 1 and 2
Drop and Go     
Allow us to share the morning with your child and prepare them for a day of learning. The morning activities will provide flexible and structured learning opportunities for growth and social interaction. The flexible environment will include puzzles, games, books and literature-based activities to warm up their minds for cognition.
Lunch Bunch     
Lunch Bunch provides students with lunch each day and the opportunity to eat and mingle with their classmates. For some, it will be a time for winding down from a busy morning, eating a healthy lunch and getting ready to go home. For others, it will be a time to regroup and prepare for an afternoon of summer, fun-filled activities. Children will have the opportunity to play during a supervised recess.
Stay and Play    
Summer and sun-filled activities make the Stay and Play program a very popular one. Children will be invited to participate in afternoon recreational activities such as baseball, basketball, water-play, soccer, volleyball and kickball. Daily electives may consist of art, music and computers. Snacks and juice will be provided.

Download the Jump Start Program Fact Sheet

For more detailed information, please view Course Offerings.