June Term is the final two weeks of Newark Academy’s school year

During June Term, most Upper School students in grades 9-11 enroll in an intensive learning course, which have become known as “June Term courses.”
A June Term course does more than simply inform students; it involves them from start to finish. Through hands-on experiences, students grapple with challenging ideas, make connections between concepts and reality, make mistakes, and learn from them. Many courses involve field trips and guest speakers. All June Term courses result in a distinctive final product or project, allowing students to synthesize what they have learned and to put it into practice.
Starting in early May and running through June Term, each senior engages in a Senior Project--an internship or experience in the real world.

Senior Projects

Senior Projects allow students to test themselves in the real world in a significant way. Every senior designs and plans his or her own project (within the guidelines set by the school) and completes it under the guidance of an off-campus mentor. Students keep a daily journal, write a reflection, and present their projects as a culminating experience.

Our students have accomplished a range of amazing projects, including:
  • Shadowing a doctor, lawyer, auto mechanic, or stock market investor
  • Designing educational toys
  • Helping to build homes
  • Working with a fashion designer
  • Earning EMT or first-aid certification