The Mission

The purpose of the Community Service Program at Newark Academy is threefold:
  1. to build a lifelong passion for service and a generosity of spirit
  2. to use service as a springboard for self-awareness and self-actualization
  3. to integrate service as a learning opportunity in the holistic education of the Newark Academy student

Service Opportunities Abound!

Throughout the school year, the Community Service Council sponsors a wide variety of service opportunities in conjunction with other Newark Academy clubs, classes and student councils.

Students are also encouraged to pursue opportunities for service in their local communities and in areas of their particular interest with a focus on how to best use their time, talent, and resources to serve members of the local and global communities in need.

Community Service Council

The Community Service Council is comprised of faculty grade-level coordinators, student representatives from each grade, an executive board comprised of juniors and seniors, and the community service director

Responsibilities include educating the student body about service opportunities, benefits of service, and issues of social justice. The Council works to develop school-wide and grade-level opportunities, publicize the service work being done by the Newark Academy community, and engage the NA community in thought-provoking conversations about the social justice issues behind the service work we do.


List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • What is the purpose of the Newark Academy Community Service Program?

    The purpose of the Community Service Program at Newark Academy is threefold:

    1. to build a lifelong passion for service and a generosity of spirit
    2. to use service as a springboard for self-awareness and self-actualization
    3. to integrate service as yet another learning opportunity in the holistic education of the NA student
  • Who are the Community Service Grade-Level Coordinators?

    The following faculty members are serving as Community Service Grade Level Coordinators for the 2016-2017 school year:
    Andy Ryan (9th Grade)
    Deb Ronan (10th Grade)
    Joey Yow (11th Grade)
    Sandy Palmer (12th Grade)
  • The requirement calls for six hours of direct service but what is the difference
    between direct and indirect service?

    Direct service means face-to-face contact directly with the population
    being served, for example. This includes tutoring students, working with animals
    at a shelter, cleaning a trail, or distributing food at a pantry.

    Indirect Service involves helping organizations to build capacity to deliver
    valuable direct service; this includes such activities such as filing, answering the
    phones, event planning, or fundraising for organizations that will serve
    populations in need.

    To meet the yearly requirement students must complete a minimum of six hours of direct service per year throughout their four years of high school. All hours can be direct service as there is no indirect service component. Indirect service can be counted towards the yearly goal but the requirement is not met until the 6 hours of direct service have been completed.
  • How do I report my community service hours?

    Community service reporting is done online through the x2vol system.
    You can access the x2vol system via the student resource board on the Newark Academy website or by going directly to the site at

    Once you sign on to the system, you will report your hours to the appropriate goal (either direct or indirect depending on the type of service). In order to report your hours, you will need to record not only the number of hours completed but also the contact information including an email for the sponsor of the project. Additionally, for
    each project you will be asked to write a short but thoughtful reflection.

    Reflection is a key part of the community service process at Newark Academy and
    should be done with care. Once you have reported your hours they will not be
    approved until your grade coordinator has verified the hours with your sponsor
    and approved your reflection. Students who write reflections that do not meet the
    guidelines outlined on the reporting form will be asked to revise their reflections. 
    We strongly encourage that you write all of this information on a google or word document before imputing into x2vol.
  • How do I verify my hours? What does sponsor verification mean?

    You must have the person who supervised your project (the
    Sponsor) certify your project and number of hours you served. When
    you enter the sponsor’s email address in the x2vol system a verification email will
    be automatically generated that your sponsor can easily fill out. However, if you
    do not have the email for a sponsor you will need to get a letter from your
    sponsor that includes the name of the organization, contact information for the
    supervisor (name and phone/email), the date of the service, and the number of
    hours served. If you have a certificate or letter with your supervisor’s signature
    with this information, upload a copy to x2vol and then email your grade coordinator to let them know you have done so. Please note that there is no easy way for the grade coordinators to see which entries have documents attached in the x2vol system; therefore, emailing your grade coordinator to alert them to the upload will greatly increase the speed in which you hours are approved.

    Please note that your grade level coordinator must receive sponsor verification by the final community service deadline or your hours might not count towards the requirement.
  • When should I report my community service hours?

    Right now! You should complete your community service hours immediately after you have completed the service. Do not wait until the final deadline to report all of your hours and write your reflections. We encourage students to report their hours and reflect on their experiences in real time throughout the school year, so you are more cognizant of the activities in which you are engaged and so the Community Service Council can keep a more accurate account of all of the community service projects completed by NA students.
  • Are students limited to participating in the Community Service opportunities sponsored by NA?

    NO! We encourage students to serve with organizations they feel passionate
    about and that they may have served with in the past as well as exploring new
    opportunities through the high school careers. The only requirement is that all
    students must serve with a 501(3)c non-profit that does not directly benefit
    Newark Academy. Additionally, students must complete a minimum of 6 hours of
    direct service per year.
  • I am an alum or parent of NA. How can alumni and parents get involved with
    the Community Service Program at NA?

    We sponsor several community-wide events a year where alumni in which
    alumni and parents can participate. Parents interested in the Community Service
    Program should contact the Newark Academy Parents Association (NAPA).
    Alumni can contact Director of Alumni Relations.
  • What if I have more questions?

    Feel free to contact Sarah Fischer, Director of Community Service, with any questions! 

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Community Service News

List of 3 news stories.

  • It's Raining Service: A Presentation by NA's Community Service Council

    On September 22, 2017, NA’s Community Service Council announced their Annual NA Serves Week Theme: National Disaster Relief and Education. Volunteers play an integral role in disaster relief and recovery efforts, and, with so many disasters occurring globally – from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, to the earthquakes in Mexico to the wildfires in California – we know our students are eager to demonstrate their generosity of spirit. Stay tuned for more details about service opportunities!
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  • Ryan Gajarawala '18 Makes a Difference

    As part of his final step to becoming an Eagle Scout (the highest achievement attainable in the Scouting Program), Ryan Gajarawala '18, a member of Troop 2 of West Orange, had to complete an Eagle Scout Project. He built and constructed three benches for West Orange High School to raise awareness about traffic safety and distracted driving, as well as honor the memory of his friend, Nikhil Badlani, who was struck and killed by a distracted driver. Ryan dedicated an immense amount of time, effort and leadership into this project. The benches were presented on September 17 at the 7th Annual Stop For Nikhil 5K race in West Orange.
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  • NA Students Support Hurricane Relief Efforts

    NA students learn firsthand about the importance of being active members in their communities and how to contribute meaningfully to society through opportunities hosted by the Community Service Council. From September 11-22, the Community Service Council will be running the first of many hurricane relief efforts (thanks to the leadership of Ms. Moroz and her work with St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center) – a Pet Supply Drive for the rescue animals affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma that St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center is welcoming to their facility. Click here for the full list of needed items. Donations can be dropped off in the front foyer or the main entrance of the Middle School. NA students are demonstrating a generosity of spirit and showing compassion by getting involved and filling up donation bins throughout the school.
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