Message from Donald M. Austin, Head of School

Since 1774, Newark Academy has remained true to the spirit that guided its founders by providing an education that equips our students with the knowledge, skills and character that prepare them to contribute meaningfully to society. Our program, created by outstanding faculty, combines high academic standards and an innovative, forward-looking curriculum that sets the Newark Academy educational experience apart.

Designed to suit the needs of younger students, the Middle School has its own unique identity and signature curriculum.   Project-based learning, collaborative classes, and end-of-year Capstone Experiences capture students’ curiosity and create opportunities for them to apply their growing knowledge to real-world situations. By eighth grade, Newark Academy students demonstrate a level of self-understanding unusual for their age by assembling detailed portfolios that highlight their progress in acquiring skills and knowledge across a range of disciplines.

In the Upper School, the curriculum grows more sophisticated, as our excellent teachers engage and inspire students in a wide variety of courses. An intellectual vitality informs our academic program, which allows qualified students to take a range of AP and IB courses as well as an impressive array of electives. Our large campus provides outstanding athletic facilities for our teams, and our arts department is known for its offerings and accomplishments in theater, the fine arts, and dance, as well as choral, classical and jazz music. The school’s required Immersion Experience places students in unfamiliar contexts--farms, foreign countries, and wilderness areas, for example--where they must adapt and apply newly acquired skills. As a result, our students gain self-confidence, maturity and a deeper understanding of the world and their place in it.

Though our students and faculty set high standards for themselves, they thrive in a comfortable atmosphere of trust, respect, collaboration and good humor. A common spirit and purpose bind the community together, as do the traditions we share, from all-school morning meetings to our annual Spirit Week and Homecoming celebrations.

I invite you to visit our campus for an information session, a tour or a special event so that you can witness first-hand what makes Newark Academy truly extraordinary.

Donald M. Austin
Head of School

Strategic Plan

Newark Academy’s 2019-2023 Strategic Plan is framed by four imperatives: people, educational programs, our broad community, and the foundations of institutional strength.