Stem Experiences Beyond the Classroom

New science labs at Newark Academy house state-of-the-art equipment for students to explore subjects like DNA testing, robotics and physics. But there are also limitless opportunities to engage with the world of science through internships, field research, club activities, summer programs and more!

Clubs such as Robotics and Engineering, Newark Anatomy, Marine Biology and Chemistry empower and challenge students creatively and critically. NA students also continue their learning throughout the summer, taking advantage of numerous summer science programs and internships. 

Research Opportunities

Stepping beyond the classroom, NA students have an opportunity to explore their passions and interests by engaging in cutting-edge research with professional scientists in university and corporate laboratories. A sampling of recent opportunities include:
  • QSAR (Quantitative Activity Structure-Relationship) Molecular Modeling Internships
  • Marine Ecology and Conservation in Bermuda
  • Waksman Student Scholars Biological Research (Rutgers University)
  • New Jersey Astronomical Association Internships
  • Lehigh University Summer Engineering Institute (4-week summer residential program)
  • CIT Corporation Computer Programming Internships
  • Brandeis University Global Youth Summit on the Future of Medicine
  • Drew University Independent Physics Research
  • NYU GSTEM Summer Program for Girls (6-week summer program for high school girls)

Newark Academy Families

For the full list of the current offerings, log into My NA and click on “Science Opportunities.” Parents and alumni who are interested in providing science internships or research opportunities may contact Nancy Celente, STEM Coordinator,

Learn how NA students spent their summers

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  • Andrew Hwang ’20

    “This past summer I interned with Dr. Pinakin Jethwa ’98 at the Jersey Shore Medical Center in Neptune, New Jersey. I shadowed Dr. Jethwa and observed him at the hospital, during his surgeries and patient interactions. Dr. Jethwa is a neurosurgeon and physician and his main focus is on the brain and spinal cord. During my internship, I was able to observe surgical procedures like aneurysm repairs and treatments for hydrocephalus. While he performed these procedures, he would point out certain details and walk me through his thought process.”
  • Sophie Licostie ’19

    “I went to the New Jersey Governor’s School in the Sciences, which is a three-week program that takes place at Drew University every July. I choose three out of six college level courses, plus two labs; I took classes on molecular orbital theory, special relativity and Galois theory, as well as labs on cellular automata and organometallic chemistry. Since there are no assessments or grades, this program is a wonderful opportunity to take risks during course selection.”
  • Vikrim Bala ’20

    “Over the summer, I worked at the Fairleigh Dickinson University School of Pharmacy under Dr. Hyunah Cho. Dr. Cho wanted to create an analgesic that can be implanted into the body after a surgery in the form of a thin sheet. This capsule would have three layers, two layers composed of a polymer (poloxamer) dissolved in acetone, and then a middle layer consisting of hydrogel. However, the hard part was not making this capsule, but rather it was 3D printing it.  My work included optimizing a 3D printer (Hyrel System 30M) that normally uses materials such as ABS and PLA to use hydrogels and a polymer solution as printing materials. In addition, we ran countless trials in order to figure out which concentrations of materials, method of preparing solutions and CAD design (g-code edited) would yield the best results.”
  • Sophia Ludtke ’20

    “This summer, I had the opportunity to work in the Harold and Margaret Milliken Hatch Laboratory of Neuroendocrinology in New York City through the Rockefeller Summer Science Research Program. By analyzing the morphology of individual neurons, I researched how the effects of stress in a specific region of the hippocampus, called the dentate gyrus, differ between males and females. I really enjoyed the research, especially since the subject is very interdisciplinary, relating to many subject areas beyond just biology, such as public health and social justice. Through the program, I also took classes on topics such as the ethics of scientific research and science communication.”

STEM in the News

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  • Newark Academy’s Molly Cantillon ’21 and Ivy Xie ’21 Garner Awards at North Jersey Regional Science Fair

    Newark Academy juniors Molly Cantillon and Ivy Xie recently participated in the North Jersey Regional Science Fair (NJRSF), and both were recognized with awards.

    Molly, who used long-range radio communication to collect biopotentials from wild rats in an experiment that addressed the paucity of naturalistic stress models by collecting data from wild rats in a diverse environment similar to that of humans. This won her the Naval Science Award, given by the Office of Naval Research, which “awards four individual projects in science and engineering that conduct research in areas of interest to the Navy.”

    Ivy, who did a project to study and to develop accurate machine learning models for the diagnosis of depression using mobile sensor data, won two awards. Ivy garnered the IEEE NJ Section Young Engineer Award, which is “presented to two projects in Engineering, Math, Physics and Biomedical Engineering that demonstrate the use of sound engineering principles,” and the Yale Science and Engineering Awards, which “recognizes two outstanding 11th grade projects in computer science, physics or chemistry. Winners must register through the designated website to receive a formal certificate and a medallion.”
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  • Dr. Pradeep Kumar Will Be Newark Academy’s Next STEM Speaker

    Dr. Pradeep Kumar, a senior portfolio manager at Prudential Investments, will discuss education and careers in STEM on February 19 at 2:30 p.m. in Room 208. He will speak to students about his journey from a science and engineering career to the application of his skills within the business field. Dr. Pradeep holds a Ph.D. in financial economics and a B.E. in civil engineering. Most of his current work involves trading currencies and bonds in emerging market countries. 
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  • Newark Academy’s Molly Cantillon ’21 Wins Norm Brodsky Business Idea/Plan Concept Competition

    Newark Academy junior Molly Cantillon won the Norm Brodsky Business Idea/Concept competition at Rider University on January 25 for her work on the startup, Rengantz.
    Last year, Molly worked on Rengatz, which facilitates the interaction between law enforcement agencies and rental car companies during rental car pullovers, as the current process is extremely inefficient and prolonged to look up the driver’s information. She helped design an integrated, real-time database that allows law enforcement agencies to readily access information about rental car drivers (including identification, criminal and firearm history) before they approach the car by being able to search the driver’s history in the database, creating safer interactions and safer communities.
    Molly was among 400 students to enter, and she was picked to make her pitch as a finalist in the sophomore/junior division.
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  • Dr. Michael Recee Visits NA as STEM Speaker

    Dr. Michael Recee, Chief Data Scientist at Neuberger Berman-Asset Management Co., will be Newark Academy’s next STEM Speaker on Friday, January 17 at 2:30 p.m. in Room 208. Dr. Recee works on applying machine learning, cloud computing and large unstructured data to investing. He has completed graduate work in physics and neuroscience and will focus on “Humans vs. Machines” and compare the way that our brains work to the way computers work. 
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  • Dr. So Yeon Yoon Visits NA, Discussing STEM, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

    On November 1, Dr. So Yeon Yoon from Cornell University worked with students interested in STEM, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. Dr. So Yeon Yoon is a professor in the Design Technology department at Cornell University. Dr. Yoon is leading the Design for User Experience with Technology (DUET) research lab at Cornell. Her work involves the intersection of science and user experience looking at applications of virtual reality technology.
    Dr. Yoon and associates worked with students for a couple of hours and the hope that this partnership will continue during the year, culminating in a summer opportunity for NA students at Cornell University.
    Read more about NA's STEM Opportunities here.
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