Apply for Financial Aid

Financial aid is critical to both the mission and the culture of Newark Academy. The Academy spends approximately 13 percent of its gross tuition on financial aid. Each year the financial aid committee must distribute limited funds among the many families who apply for assistance. 
The committee examines many factors when assessing a family's eligibility for financial aid such as income, home equity, earning the potential of a non-working spouse, savings, consumer debt, cars, vacation expenses and other educational obligations. Although need is the primary basis for determining financial aid, the committee also considers a student's academic record and his or her overall potential to contribute to the school community.

Step by Step Financial Aid Application Process

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In the case of divorced or separated parents, both households must submit separate Parents' Financial Statements (#2) and supporting tax documentation (#3). See Special Family Situations on the Financial Aid Policies page.

Financial Aid applicants who are already enrolled at Newark Academy must also send a copy of their tax documents directly to the Director of Financial Aid at Newark Academy.
Please direct financial aid questions to:

Alexis Sommers
Director of Financial Aid 
Newark Academy Admission Office 
973.992.7000, ext. 342