Alumni Board of Governors

The Alumni Association is led by its Board of Governors (BOG) - a group of 28 individuals who volunteer their time to work with Evan Nisenson '99, Director of Alumni Relations, to engage alumni through events and programs.  

The mission of the BOG is to be the dynamic leadership group of the NA alumni community, dedicated to supporting the mission of the school and serving as a relevant catalyst for engagement between NA and its alumni.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Evan Nisenson '99, Director of Alumni Relations, at or (973) 992-7000 ext. 367.

Board of Governor Initiatives

  1. Strengthen BOG performance with a focus on: a) stronger Board participation; b) an enhanced committee structure; and c) more rigorous leadership succession planning.
  2. Work with NA staff, continue to execute with excellence our existing core alumni programs.
  3. Develop stronger ties and emotional connections among more recent graduates (within the last 10-15 years) in an effort to convert them to "engaged alumni for life."
  4. Strengthen and expand the Class Rep Program beyond fundraising as a vehicle for growing alumni participation in other key school activities or events.
  5. Increase NA faculty (both current and retired) involvement in key engagement activities, recognizing they are one of the school's most beloved assets.

2018-2019 Alumni Board of Governors

Glenn A. Waldorf '90

Amanda Addison '06 
Rohit Bawa '93
Michele Chiles-Hickman '86 
Asha Talwar Coco '99
Daniel D. Cronheim '72 
Christopher Davis '12
Jacqueline Lipsius Fleysher '93 
Rebecca Moll Freed '94 
Justin Garrod '93 
Kumar Ghafoor '10
Susan Goldberg '79 
Pete Gruenberg '81 
Allison Hyans '11
Shannon Hedvat '03

Lauren Jacobs-Lazer '98
Gillian Javetski '07
Katherine "Katie" Johnson '11
Lauren Kaplan '09
Steve Lozowick '63
Jennifer Mandelbaum '11
Ed Pursell '02 
Jed Rosenthal '93 
Brett Finkelstein Rubin '05
Lena Hill Ryals '94
Alex Senchak '02
Alexandra Swanson '09
Pamela Helfant Vichengrad '94