Volunteer Opportunities at NA

Every year, we are encouraged by the number of NA alumni who volunteer their time, talent and resources to strengthen the entire NA community.

Volunteering can be as simple as connecting with classmates online, through the NA Alumni Mobile App or on social media, or sharing Class Notes with us for the magazine. From participating in events such as Reunion and Networking Night to becoming a Class Rep for your year, there are so many ways you can stay connected to Newark Academy.

Senior Projects are such a memorable part of the Newark Academy experience. Alumni can sponsor an NA senior and provide a student with a similarly unique opportunity. Unable to offer a Senior Project but are looking to hire an intern? Just let us know and we will promote it to our community of young alumni who often contact our office looking for internships.

If you would like to share your expertise and career success stories with young alumni you can sign up to be a mentor. This is a great way to assist our recent graduates who seek career guidance during and after college. There are also opportunities to speak at our career-focused events and/or offer to host an event. 

Please take a few moments to let us know how you'd like to get involved: