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Since its founding in 1774, Newark Academy has consistently fielded successful, highly competitive athletic teams. Led by a staff of highly-qualified coaches who demonstrate both knowledge of their respective sport and integrity, Minuteman Athletics is committed to providing every student-athlete an experience that is highly organized, grounded in solid fundamentals and strategies, character-oriented and emotionally rewarding. 

NA’s commitment to athletic success can be seen daily in challenging and positive practices, off-season strength and conditioning programs, and a commitment to involve students with a wide-range of abilities. This commitment is also evident in NA’s athletic facilities, widely regarded as one of the finest collection of fields and gymnasiums in New Jersey. 

While on-field success is celebrated, Minuteman student-athletes are students first. Every coach, at every level, understands that classroom success is paramount at Newark Academy.  The majority of NA’s coaches are also members of the faculty which provides ample opportunity to assist student-athletes in learning skills for time management and a balanced lifestyle while participating in athletics.

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