Annual Report on Giving
Annual Report on Giving 2018-2019

1774 Society

Donors who include Newark Academy in their estate plans are true partners in preserving the tradition of educational excellence for which Newark Academy is known. These thoughtful gifts remain with NA forever, providing support for the school in perpetuity.
Anonymous (1)
John M. Allen '30*
Nathan H. Aronsohn 1915*
Seth L. Baranoff '79
Mark A. Belnick '64
James Q. Bensen '32*
James A. Bess '48*
Anthony Coraci*
Bernard J. '62 and Elaine D'Avella,
Colin M. Danzis '55*
Albert A. Del Negro '61 and Patrisha Creevy
Deborah Dixler
George Esterly*
Thomas and Cynthia Gavenda
Martin A. Ginsburg '51*
Arona Green*
William D. Green '69
Richard W. Greene '34*
Richard A. Grimley '46*
Maria Hale*
Arthur E. Halprin '46*
William L.F. Hardham '29*
David G. Hardin '73
William D. Hardin, Sr. '44*
Robert C. Held '59
Albert J. Hoffman '30*
E. William '50 and Margot Housh*
Elbert E. Husted III '38*
Scott M. Jacoby and Julie Madison Jacoby
John M. Jentz '47*
Robert H. Kang '82
Minnette G Kessler*
A. Martin Krementz, Jr. '27*
Albert Lechter*
K. Lesli Ligorner '87
Werner E. Lomker*
Stanley C. Lowenberg '56
Stephen R. Lozowick '63
K. Kelly Marx '51
Stuart J. Matheis '37*
Joseph A. Meyer '48*
Howard Miller*
Edward Negley
Betty Newman*
William G. Ohaus '43*
Kenneth A. Okin '67
Gayle Peyton*
Robert Pye '23*
John R. Redmond, Sr.*
Franklin Russell, Jr. '26
Howard M. Sadwith '34*
Florette Schoen
John Coe Selvage '33*
Walter Smith 1890*
Kenneth and Carrie Somberg
John W. Strahan III*
Allan and Anne Strand
Joseph A. Sullivan '55*
Berton Taffet '68
David Teiger '47*
John C. Vergano
William T. Wachenfeld '44
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