Annual Report on Giving
Annual Report on Giving 2018-2019

Ad Lumen Society

Ad Lumen Society members demonstrate their commitment to Newark Academy at the highest levels of giving. The exceptional generosity of these leading donors fuels virtually every element of the school’s success.
$25,000 or more
Anonymous (4)
Marika Alzadon '89 and Samuel Cole
Appaloosa Management Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Natalie A. Birrell
Lawrence G. Cetrulo '67
Leon and Toby Cooperman
Wayne and Jodi Cooperman
The Leon and Toby Cooperman Family Foundation
The Coraci Family
Lara Coraci-Basile '88 and Vincent Basile '88
Cuong Do and Lori Rickles
F&P DeRosa Memorial Fund
Darren and Jennifer Glatt
Nina and Todd Hohman
The KAP Foundation, Inc.
Jeffrey and Amy Kaplan
Jefferson W. Kirby '80
S. Dillard Kirby '77 and Adrienne Kirby
F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc.
Andrew '90 and Nina Kogan
M. Brian '65 and Sandra Maher
Robert and Wendy Marcus
Graeme and Rosalind McEvoy
The Estate of Joseph A. Meyer '48
Kishore and Anjali Mirchandani
Ajay Nagpal and Deborah Mitchell-Nagpal
Newark Academy Parents Association
The Paragano Family Foundation
Anthony '72 and Cynthia Petrello
The Petrello Family Foundation
Jane and Mark Wilf and the Wilf Family
$10,000 - $24,999
Anonymous (5)
Christian Abboud and Josefina Tranfa-Abboud
Nino Badridze and David Jack*
Ragavan and Kala Bala
Mark Belnick '64 and Randy Belnick
Steven and Beth Berns
John H. '69 and Joan Bess
Fabrice and Sylvaine Chouraqui
The Anne L. and George H. Clapp Charitable Trust
Jeffrey Cohen '81 and Christine Paul Cohen '89
Christian Correa and Laura Abrams
Samuel W. Croll III '68
Robert and Ewa Czyzewski
Andrew and Daryl Epstein
Robert and Anne Essner
John '75 and Jeanne Galbraith
Cassandra Hardman
Scott and Christine Hayward
Jeffrey and Karen Horowitz
Steven and Tracy Horowitz
Frank Hsieh and Alice Chen
Vineet and Varianny Kapur
Randal and Kim Klein
Jeffrey Kotzen and Danielle Voogt
Robert and Brenda Kunzweiler
Andrew and Wendy Lacey
Adam Levinsohn and Christine St. Peter
William and Victoria Lorenz
David J. MacNaughton '69
Richard and Lianne Mandelbaum
Romolo and Margaret Marcucci
David D. '77 and Elizabeth McGraw
John L. '49 and Marjorie McGraw
Eric and Yael Miller
Steven Nehmer and Paige Albano-Nehmer
John and Georgana Porcek
Lisa and John Powers
Michael '87 and Chi Rockoff
Alexander '96 and Lauren Rose
Joseph Rubin and Corinne Winston
Marko Ruso and Ann Schwarz
Alejandro and Laura San Miguel
The William E. Simon Foundation
Evan Sotiriou and Lorraine Dias-Sotiriou
Joshua and Jill Tarnow
Richard Tillyer and Sandra Morris
William T. Wachenfeld '44
Val Wagner and Megan Watt
Adam Wang and Jade An
Patrick Wang and Vickie H. Yin
Ira and Robin Weidhorn
Larry and Gayle Wieseneck
Roger and Suzanne Witt
Fei Zhou and Belinda Lu
Vyacheslav Zhukov and Julia Minina
$5,000 - $9,999

Nathan Arnell and Heidi Hellring
Salvatore and Stephanie Badalamenti
Nikhil '96 and Nitika Barai
Brett and Karen Baris
Mark and Courtney Benjamin
Jeffrey and Emily Berkowitz
Lisa Lautenberg Birer '83
Mark and Meredith Blake
Kevin and Deborah Bollinger
Erwin and Jeanine Bulan
Christopher and Elizabeth Burn
Christopher Carroll
Swapan and Ginger Chaddha
Daniel and Isabella Chernin
Ronald and Karen Cleeve
ConnectOne Bank
Albert A. Del Negro '61 and Patrisha Creevy
Bradley DeLamielleure and Mary Wei-DeLamielleure
Rao and Vasu Desu
Michael and Kimberly DeVirgilio
Ajay and Nidhi Dhankhar
Deborah Dixler
Martin and Rona Dollinger
David Doobin '07
Michael Doobin '10
Stanley K. Doobin '77
Adam and Laura Epstein
Robert and Rachel Fink
Jordan and Suzanne Glatt
Harvard Maintenance, Inc.
Lauren G. Hedvat '01
Ellen Lautenberg Hendel '75
Bruce and Ilene Jacobs and Family
Joshua Lautenberg '86
Lois Lautenberg
The Lautenberg Foundation
Bernard A. Leroe '61
Leroe Family Charitable Foundation
Stuart and Beth Levene
Michael Li and Jenny Xun
K. Lesli Ligorner '87
Karl and Gigi Loh
Scott and Eileen Lowry
Zhijian Lu and Yan Ji
Paul and Gail Mandel
Paul and Renee Marchand
The Marcus Family Foundation
Nan Lautenberg Morgart '77
Joseph A. Natoli Construction Corp.
Rakesh and Amnisha Parameshwar
Tom and Winnie Polen
Daniel Pyo and Helen Cha-Pyo
Anish and Priya Rajparia
Christopher Rich and Nicole Holzapfel
Dino and Janet Robusto
Michael and Joanne Rosenberg
Hugh and Alice Rovit
Maria Coraci Sabando '86 and Otto Sabando
Somnath and Neena Sarkar
Steven and Susan Scheichet
Amy E. Schiffer
Jeffrey Seymour '75
Matthew Steenberg '99
Russell Steenberg and Patricia Colbert
Melissa and Daniel Tassé
Mikhail and Janna Teytel
Stephen '94 and Allison Tolpa
Warren A. Usatine and Shoshana Schiff
Joshua and Sharon Weintraub
John Whitehurst and Rhuna Shen
Katharine Winthrop
Gregory and Erika Wright
Aiqun Wu and Xin Wen
David and Mary Ann Wyshner
Kerem and Loo Yaman
Ruoxu You and Yin Sun
Evan H. '83 and Meghan Zucker
$2,500 - $4,999
Anonymous (2)
Archit '83 and Monal Amin
Donald Austin and Karolyn Ide
Richard S. Beltram '69
Joseph and Carolyn Borlo
Andrew J. Carter '09
Michael and Julie Chang
Brett and Heidi Cohen
Country Club Services, Inc.
Louis and Shani Drogin
Ian and Alisa Eagle
David and Annemarie Feldman
Jeffrey '65 and Elaine Garrod
Justin '93 and Jacqueline Garrod
Jian Guo and Jie Wu
Chad He and Kelly Ye
Brandon Hedvat '06
Shannon H. Hedvat '03
Kim S. Hirsh '80
Ying Huang and Liping Wang
Jeaan Hwang and Meehyung Cho
Basel and Andrea Kayyali
Wayne D. '85 and Patti Kent and Family
Andres Lederman and Lourdes Blanco
Allen Lindstrom and Bari Waxman
Jonathan and Jamie Mach
K. Kelly Marx '51
Joseph P. '81 and Christine McGrath
Kash and Rasika Mishra
Ashish and Smruti Parikh
Larry and Lori Pitkowsky
Aneesh Prabhu and Noor Shaikh
Noah and Jennifer Puntus
Clayton and Julianne Rose
Gary and Karen Rose
Richard Schwed and Cristina Brennan
Anish and Dhwani Shah
Sandeep Sharma and Prathibha Ramanathan
William and Su Shen
Laurence and Susan Shiff
Steven Spinner '78
Lawrence D. Taylor '50
Kimberley '85 and William Wachtel
Glenn A. Waldorf '90
Yanhui Wang and Xun Chen
Andrew and Melinda Waskow
Mark Widmann '79
Shaw Wu and Yu Chen
Ling Zhang and Yiyi Zhong
$1,000 - $2,499
Anonymous (4)
Robert G. Abrams '64
Zachary Alpern '02 and Pria Talwar Alpern '02
Ruth Antwi '10
Robert A. Aronson '68
Danielle '01 and Jon Auerbach
Rohit '93 and Vini Bawa
Mark Becker and Elizabeth Skoler
Betsy Dollinger Bernstein '86 and Jason Bernstein
Jerome Bess '40
Jon and Marni Betlow
William D. Bloom and Ruth Redmond Bloom '80
Jamacha Bloom Family Foundation
Christopher and Beverley Blume
The Blume Doggy Wilco Memorial Fund
Andrew Breckman and Beth Landau
Tian Bu and Xueying Shen
Christopher and Katy Burns
Robert E. Butler '59
Marc and Lilly Cantillon
John and Judith Carlson
Eric Carniol '04
Yi Cen and Ping Han
Pramod Chakravarthy and Vandana Venkatesh
Michael and Megeen Charvala
Thomas Chen and Angela Lin
Michele Chiles-Hickman '86
Patrick E. '62 and Beverlee Ciccone
Kevin and Ann Clancy
Asha Talwar Coco '99
Daniel D. Cronheim '72
Robert '46 and Marion Cronheim
Patrick and Kimberly Culligan
Andrew and Mary Dakos
Joel and Robin Eichler
Scott and Cynthia Ernst
Thomas and Catherine Errico
Scott and Betsy Fishbone
Jerome and Diane Forman
Michael B. Frankel '54
Nicole Shafman Frankel '90
Rebecca Moll Freed '94 and Gregory Freed
Douglas and Dana Friedman
Joseph Fusco '74
Scott and Nina Gallin
Gerry and Durga Gaviola
Jack and Myra Gibson
James and Kathleen Gilbert
Stewart and Sarah Glickman
Jonathan and Melissa Goidel
Vladimir and Marianna Gorbaty
Jason S. Granet '96
William D. Green '69
Lisa Grider and Mitch Lawrence
Norman Grossblatt '52
Peter S. '81 and Karen Gruenberg
Karen Guy-Smith and James Smith
Peter R. Hardin '75
William D. Hardin, Jr. '71
Robert Heary and Cara Talty
Erwin Hermans and Rupa Basu
Friedrich and Sally Holzapfel
Scott Hunt '61
Travis and Margaret Hutchinson
Pamela Huttenberg and Brent Bergin
Michael and Catherine Hynes
Michael Iben and Julia Chen
Lauren Jacobs-Lazer '98
Michael and Amy Janay
Ezra and Alexandra Jennings
Leslie Johnson, Jr. '48
Ian '90 and Jennifer Josloff
Philip D. Kaltenbacher '55
The Kaltenbacher Family Foundation
Eric and Samantha Kanter
Robert and Valerie Katz
Thomas and Rhonda Kean
The Kean Foundation
Michael and Jamie Kessel
Jeffrey and Ki Keys
Andy Kim and Kelly Hwang
Frank King and Flora Bai
Arthur M. Klebanoff '65
Frank Koch II '50
Neerav and Hetal Kothari
Roman and Irena Kramarchuk
Walter H. Kunisch '61
David Lee '94
Hong Lei and Jenny Cai
Zhong Li and Jing Xu
George Liang and Betty Lee
Steven and Risa Lieberman
Mark and Karyn Lightcap
Alberto Lopez-Silvero and Estelle Fournier
Xiaodong Luo and Li Pang
Elizabeth Maccie '93
Brent MacGregor and Kimberly Burgoyne
Fernando Maddock '92
The Mandelbaum Foundation
Gina '75 and Kenneth Mandelbaum
John A. McCoubrey '69
James and Lindsay McHugh
Michael T. Melneck, Jr. '80
Irene Miller
Kirsti Morin and Neil Stourton
W. Robert Mudge and Phylisan Palladino
Lisa and William Mulligan
Michael and Brooke Murphy
Jamil Nazarali and Deanna Smeltz
Michael and Heather Nowak
Rajesh and Archana Nuni
Ernie and Wendy Ou
Peter C. Papademetriou '61
Manish and Dipti Parmar
Nelly and John Pascal
Steven and Dina Pearl
Carl Perelman
Richard Perl '71
David and Holly Peterson
Eileen and Luis Petrillo
Francesco and Francesca Pinelli
Donald and Maria Quigley
Michael Repka
Elizabeth (Penney) Riegelman
Brooke Nichols Rogers '79
Stuart Rogers '79 and Brooke Nichols Rogers '79
Frederick Rollenhagen and Alexandra Mahoney
Jeremy Schiff '07
Donald Schlenger '39
Michael and Emily Schonbraun
Howard and Betty Schwartz
Michael '70 and Rosemary Scoppetuolo
Jongwon Seo and Jinhee Park
Alon Shein and Melissa Dollinger Shein '88
Jeffrey J. '82 and Nancy Silverman
John Simms '53
Stephen Socolof and Cristina Corona
Peter A. Solomon '00
Kenneth and Carrie Somberg
Qianli Song and Ying Huang
Amit and Sushmita Srivastav
Jared Stadlin '94
George Steinmetz and Lisa Bannon
Vincent Strully, Jr. '65
Mir Subjally '06
Edmund and Julie Tai
David Tam and Elaine Eng
Sally and James Toffey
Joelle Tutela '90
John Ungaro '96
William Van Winkle '52
Raghunandan and Yogini Varma
Aman and Mary Vazir
Samuel Vazir '16
Sheila Vazir '16
Scott Vergano '86
Steven Virany and Valerie Radwaner
Jan Vobecky '99
Jin Wang and Jill Tang Wang
Weixing and Leilei Wang
Richard and Lauren Weiss
Greg and Maryl Wilensky
John and Suzanne Willian
Jonathan Wolfe '94
Stephen and Melissa Wong
Abiy and Mety Yeshitla
Kjell and Sonya Youngren
David and Lily Yu
Steven Zhang and Sherry Deng
Daniel Zheng and Wendy Han
Lei Zhou and Yuan Xu
Fan Zhu and Jia Lu
Jeff and Lingling Zhuang

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