Annual Report on Giving
Annual Report on Giving 2018-2019

Faculty and Staff

Contributions from faculty and staff do much more than provide funds for programs, classroom materials, financial aid and other needs. These gifts are endorsement of Newark Academy, demonstrating a deep belief in the school’s core goals and mission, signaling to others that this an institution worthy of support. For the sixth consecutive year, every member of NA’s faculty and staff contributed to the Annual Fund – a resounding expression of dedication and leadership from within.
Andrew Alford
Tom Ashburn
Donald Austin
Abigail Ayers
Joseph J. Ball+
David Beckman
Helen Biffen+
Willard Blaskopf, Jr.+
William Blomn
Elizabeth Bona-Beach
Joseph P. Borlo+
Annette Brennan
Elaine Brodie
Garrett Caldwell
Tess Callahan James
Nancy J. Celente
Shun-Yao Chang
Warren D. Christian+
Caitlin Ciampaglio
Sylvia Ciccone
James Coe
Jessica Cohen
Sean Cosgrove
Jessica E. De Santa
Tara A. DelRusso
Sami Demir
Richard DiBianca
Deborah Dixler+
Judi Dougherty+
Robert Downes
Kristin Duszak
Rochelle Edwards
Cori Eggert
Amy Emelianoff
Daniel Erlandson
Moussa Fall
Diana Fernandes
Keith Fischer
Sarah Fischer
Gabriella Galvez
Pegeen Galvin-Scott
Eileen Gilbert
Theodore L. Gilbreath
Sam Goldfischer
Luis A. Gomez+
Rebecca Gordon
Lisa E. Grider
Sarah Guelich
Gardy Guiteau
Seraphine Hamilton
Stephanie Hammond
Benson S. Hawk
William Hobson
Amy H. Hone
Andrei Ionescu
Arlene Jachim+
Erik Jacobsen
Julie Madison Jacoby+
Scott M. Jacoby+
Vanessa Jimenez Gabb
Christine Johnson
Scott D. Johnson
Jeff Kacur+
Jayme Kaczanoski
Derek Kanarek+
David Kapferer
Stacey Kaplan-Layton+
Robert Kapps
Andrew Kesler
W. Wesselink Keur+
Catherine Krtil
Karen Kuser
Viraj Lal
Andrea Lankin
Elizabeth H. LaPadula
Felipe A. Ledezma
Yvette Luxenberg
Mary Lysinger
Alexandra Mahoney
Robert Mallalieu
Nicholas Manfreda
Sandra Marano
Marissa Marino
Debra W. Marr
Courtney Marsallo+
Lydia Masterson+
Holly Maykow '08+
Tim McCall
Nancy McGaughan+
Anita McKenna-Murphy
Maria Teresa McNeilly-Anta '93
Melissa Miller
Steve Miller
Kirsti Morin
Jean Moroz
Lisa Mulligan
Patricia Neary
Evan Nisenson '99
Kathleen Ollen
Reyther Ortega
Sandy Palmer
Blackwood B. Parlin+
Joan Parlin+
Nelly P. Pascal
Daniel Petrillo '06
Eileen Petrillo
Dana Pomykala
Candice Powell-Caldwell+
Margaret Purcell
Catherine Pursell
Ed Pursell '02
Alberto Quintos
Salomon Quintos
Segundo Quintos
Rachael Reeves
Megan Rezvani
Robert Rezvani
Jordyn Richardson-Norris '14
Elizabeth (Penney) Riegelman+
Scott Robinson
Frederick V. Rollenhagen
Alexis Romay
Debra A. Ronan
Jennifer M. Rusek+
Andrew Ryan
Suzanne R. Sawatzky-Harttree+
Lou Scerra
Norman Schafler+
Amy Schottland
Rachel Shapiro Cooper
Noelle Shirey
Samad A. Siddiqui
Barbara Sine
Alexis Sommers
Elizabeth Sparacino
Kerri Speck
Carol Spooner
Brian Stephenson
Neil Stourton
Matthew D. Sugam
Debra Tavares
Michael Thayer
Julius Tolentino
Jay Torson
Carlos Trujillo
Anthony Ungaro
Ian Vallone
Jeffrey Vinikoor
Kathleen Wade+
Kristin Walpole+
Donald K. Webster+
Mary Ellen Weinel
Kerry M. Winiarski
James Worrell
Hannah Wyrzykowski
Joey Yow
Anna Zhao
+ Former faculty/staff

Thank You To Our Donors

Imagine the Possibilities of Learning from a Practicing Artist

Trumpeter Kenny Rampton spent time with Newark Academy students in October as part of NA’s annual Artist-In-Residence program. Supported by the Artist-in-Residence Endowment Fund, the program provides students with opportunities to practice creativity and artistic expression through interaction with a professional in the visual or performing arts. Kenny was truly immersed in the daily life of NA; visiting students in Advanced Jazz/Chameleon, Middle School Orchestra and Sixth-Grade instrumental sectional classes. He also dropped in on students taking private music lessons and attended evening rehearsals for NA Chameleon and Big Band. Kenny’s friendly and positive attitude was contagious and left NA student musicians inspired.
Shaping independent education for grades 6-12 in Northern New Jersey