Annual Report on Giving
Annual Report on Giving 2018-2019


Children truly benefit when grandparents stay connected to their education. Grandparents’ participation in NA fundraising initiatives demonstrates belief in the importance of a strong educational foundation and inspires achievement by all students for generations.
Alexander and Sonia Alland
            Isabel Alland '17
            Lucas Alland '22         
David E. Austin
            Benjamin Austin '12
            Charles Austin '15
            George Austin '15
Jacqueline Bell
            Ian Bell '23
Janis Charvala
            William J. Charvala '21
B.A. and Patricia Colbert
            Matthew F. Steenberg '99
Betty Cole
            Ava A. Cole '22
            Benjamin Cole '21       
            Jacob Cole '25
Leon and Toby Cooperman
            Courtney Cooperman '16
            Kyra Cooperman '19  
Beverlee Coraci           
            Anthony Basile '17
            Gioia Basile '19
            Larisa Basile '24
            Alyssa Sabando '19
            Emily Sabando '22
Janet Davis
            Jake Mundo '14
Martin and Rona Dollinger
            Hailey B. Bernstein '19
George ’51 and Sandra Gering
            Louis Feinberg '08
            Nathan Feinberg '13
Louis V. Henston '50
            Will Brundage '08
Donald J. '46 and Barbara Holtzman
            Gregory M. Holtzman '09
            Jonathan Holtzman '16
            Lauren Holtzman '19  
Friedrich and Sally Holzapfel  
            Indiana Rich '17
            Lucas Rich '20
Travis and Margaret Hutchinson
            Andrew Hutchinson '17
            William Hutchinson '19
Thomas and Deborah Kean, Sr.
            Meredith Kean '22
Ira and Alice Kent
            Chloe Kent '17
            Mackenzie Kent '19
            Samantha Kent '15
Albert and Dolores Keys
            Jeffrey Keys '21
            Kianni Keys '19
            Kieri Keys '24
Burton and Lynne Mass
            Samantha Keller '19
            Zachary Keller '17
Donald and Ann McCord
            Emma Brown '13
            Paul Brown '17
Irene Miller
            Julia Miller '24
            Rachel Miller '18
            Sophia Miller '22
Michael and Brooke Murphy
            Colin Murphy '20
            Griffin Murphy '22
Eileen Paragano
            Dylan Gawron '19
            Justin Gawron '21
            Marissa Paragano '06
John and Linda Schupper
            Carolyn Schachtel '18
            Jonah Schachtel '20
            Paige Schachtel '23
Richard and Judith Steinberg
            Eva Verzani '17
            Noah Verzani '14
Thomas and Geri Trzanowski
            Victoria L. Carlson '22
Arthur and Jenny Yu  
            Maxwell Yu '19           
            Chloe Yu '17

Thank You To Our Donors

Imagine the Possibilities of New Student Spaces

The Rose Student Activities Center opened after winter break, providing spaces for student leaders to gather, clubs to meet and for students to simply “hang out” during free periods. The large office suite, which includes offices for the Dean of Students, Associate Dean of Student Life and Director of Community Service, also includes small group meeting space, WI-FI and video access and common spaces.
Shaping independent education for grades 6-12 in Northern New Jersey