Annual Report on Giving
Annual Report on Giving 2019-2020

1774 Society

Donors who include Newark Academy in their estate plans are true partners in preserving the tradition of educational excellence for which Newark Academy is known. These thoughtful gifts remain with NA forever, providing support for the school in perpetuity.
Anonymous (1)
John M. Allen '30*
Nathan H. Aronsohn 1915*
Seth L. Baranoff '79
Mark A. Belnick '64
James Q. Bensen '32*
James A. Bess '48*
Anthony Coraci*
Bernard J. '62 and Elaine D'Avella
Colin M. Danzis '55*
Albert A. Del Negro '61 and Patrisha Creevy
Deborah Dixler
George Esterly*
Thomas and Cynthia Gavenda
Martin A. Ginsburg '51*
Arona Green*
William D. Green '69
Richard W. Greene '34*
Richard A. Grimley '46*
Maria Hale*
Arthur E. Halprin '46*
William L.F. Hardham '29*
David G. Hardin '73
William D. Hardin, Sr. '44*
Stuart Z. Hawkes '22*
Robert C. Held '59
Albert J. Hoffman '30*
William '50 and Margot Housh*
Elbert E. Husted III '38*
Scott M. Jacoby and Julie Madison Jacoby
John M. Jentz '47*
Robert H. Kang '82
William S. Kaplan '69
Minnette G Kessler*
Martin Krementz, Jr. 1927*
Albert Lechter*
Lesli Ligorner '87
Werner E. Lomker*
Stanley C. Lowenberg '56
Stephen R. Lozowick '63
Kelly Marx '51
Stuart J. Matheis '37*
Joseph A. Meyer '48*
Howard Miller*
Betty Newman*
William G. Ohaus '43*
Kenneth A. Okin '67
Gayle Peyton*
Robert Pyle 1923*
Florette Schoen*
John R. Redmond, Sr.*
Franklin Russell, Jr. 1926*
Howard M. Sadwith '34*
John Coe Selvage '33*
Walter Smith 1880*
Kenneth and Carrie Somberg
John W. Strahan III*
Allan and Anne Strand
Joseph A. Sullivan '55*
Berton Taffet '68
David Teiger '47*
William Van Winkle '52
John C. Vergano
William T. Wachenfeld '44


Thank You To Our Donors

Global Speakers Series & Feinberg Lecture Give Students the Gift of Expanded Horizons

The Global Speakers Series is one of many programs supported by gifts to the Newark Academy Annual Fund each year. One program in the series is designated as the Feinberg Multicultural Lecture, which exposes students to cultures from all across the globe and is supported by an endowed fund created by gifts from Peter Feinberg ’78, Margery Feinberg ’78, Louis Feinberg ’08 and Nathan Feinberg ’13. These lectures leave students with inspiring, thought-provoking messages, such as John Bul Dau (also known as Dhieu-Deng Leek), who shared his story of perseverance as one of 27,000 "Lost Boys of Sudan." Mr. Dau, a noted human rights activist, was featured in the 2006 award-winning documentary God Grew Tired of Us.  “Don't ever give up. Don't let your past hurt you and hold you back...If I can make it, you can too," said Mr. Bul Dau in his closing message to NA's Middle School last January. After years of living in war-torn South Sudan, Mr. Dau immigrated to the United States, eventually graduating from Syracuse University. In 2007, he founded the John Dau Foundation which aims to transform healthcare in South Sudan, including the Duk Lost Boys Clinic in his native village of Duk Payue.
Reimagining rigor for students in grades 6-12