Annual Report on Giving
Annual Report on Giving 2019-2020


Children truly benefit when grandparents stay connected to their education. Grandparents’ participation in NA fundraising initiatives demonstrates belief in the importance of a strong educational foundation and inspires achievement by all students for generations.
Sonia Alland
            Daniel Alland '27
            Isabel Alland '17
            Lucas Alland '22         
Jacqueline Bell
            Ian Bell '23
Leon and Toby Cooerpman
            Courtney Cooperman '16
            Kyra Cooperman '19
Beverlee Coraci           
            Anthony Basile '17
            Gioia Basile '19
            Larisa Basile '24
            Alyssa Sabando '19
            Emily Sabando '22
George '51* and Sandra Gering
            Louis Feinberg '08
            Nathan Feinberg '13
Louis V. Henston '50
            Will Brundage '08
Friedrich and Sally Holzapfel  
            Indiana Rich '17
            Lucas Rich '20
Robert and Peggy Hundley
            Jacqueline Taylor '20
Ira and Alice Kent
            Chloe Kent '17
            Mackenzie Kent '19
            Samantha Kent '15
Burton and Lynne Mass
            Samantha Keller '19
            Zachary Keller '17
Michael and Brooke Murphy
            Colin Murphy '20
            Griffin Murphy '22
Eileen Paragano
            Dylan Gawron '19
            Justin Gawron '21
            Marissa Paragano '06
Ronald Voogt
            Alexander Kotzen '19
            Andrew Kotzen '23
            Nicholas Kotzen '22
Arthur and Jenny Yu
            Chloe Yu '17
            Maxwell Yu '19


Thank You To Our Donors

Bringing Artistic Innovation to Campus

Alexa Meade, an award-winning California-based artist, shared her innovative painting process with Newark Academy visual arts students in the Fall of 2019. Alexa applies paint to the human body and three-dimensional spaces to create the illusion that our reality is a two-dimensional painted dreamscape. Her unique approach has gained worldwide acclaim and her ability to move between dimensions has fascinated people across disciplines. She has collaborated with space-time researchers at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, created illusions with the world-renowned magician David Blaine, and painted on the body of pop star Ariana Grande for her iconic “God is Woman'' music video. Students had the unique opportunity to interact with and ask questions of a world-renowned artist, whose work the students had seen in pop culture. In turn, they received inspiration through her story and work. “If you’re passionate about something, just do it...You never know where it’s going to lead,” Alexa told NA art students about her journey which began with a dream of being a politician and eventually brought her to becoming an award-winning artist. Visits from working artists, including the annual Artist-in-Residence program, are made possible through the generosity of NA alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends.
Reimagining rigor for students in grades 6-12