Annual Report on Giving

Minuteman Club (Young Alumni)

Young alumni who graduated in the past 15 years make up 30 percent of the Newark Academy alumni community. The Minuteman Club celebrates recent graduates who support Newark Academy with gifts of any amount, deepening their NA bonds and strengthening their alma mater now and always.
A Minuteman was selfless, proud, thoughtful and ready to serve for a cause that was close to his or her heart. A Newark Academy Minuteman holds these same qualities and carries them into all aspects of life. The Minuteman Club is for Young Alumni Leaders of Newark Academy, who graduated between the years of 2005 and 2020

Anonymous (3) 
Ruth Antwi '10
Danielle Blake '05
Stephen Bonsall '16
Allison Brand '09
Emma Brown '13
Charles Bushnell '13 and Carly McMahon '13
Andrew J. Carter '09
Isabelle Catabran Ewart '17
Justin Chan '07
Jason J. Chan '05
Wayne Colizza '06
Matthew Cowen '13
Rebecca Curwin '09
Andrew DeLuca '10
Suzanne C. Diebold '07
David Doobin '07
Caroline S. Errico '09
Lisa Fischer '10
Daniel Forman '05
Mark Fritze '05
Maxwell Frost '08
Gabriel Gaviola '05
Kumar Ghafoor '10
Jai Ghose '14
Theodore A. Gibson '06
Adam C. Goldberg '10
Marc Goldberg '12
Sam Gordon '05 
Rebecca Groveman '05
Scott Gunther '06
 David Hardin '07 and Whitney Dardik Hardin '06
Jeffrey Hau '07
Brandon Hedvat '06
Craig Helfer '07
Haley Douds Holmberg '06
Allison T. Hyans '11
Andrew Hyans '16
Gillian Javetski '07
Jordan I. Jett '11
Lauren Kaplan '09
Christina Kovar '11
Athrey Krishnakumar '08
Andrew Laughlin '08
Aaron Levy '16
Joseph W. Longthorne '08
Sophia Ludtke '20
Rex N. Macaylo '10
Molly McGaughan '05
Sarah McGrath '11
David McGraw, Jr. '15
Theodore McGraw '20
Walter (Scotty) McGraw '17
Doug J. Milanes '07
Rachel Newman Minerva '06
Yesenia Nunez '09
Jennifer Olivera '06
Kyle Ostroff '09
Anna Parlin '06
Katherine Johnson Panza '11
Jacquelyn S. Dorsky Pinchuk '05
Lauren Portnoi '07
Bridget Duffy Raines '05
Eric Rattner '07
Timothy J. Redmond '11
Dani Rozman '06
Kabir Sawhney '09
Andrew Somberg '07
Ilana Mandelbaum Sterling '06
Nina Suda '05
Alexandra Swanson '09
Julia Tarnow '17
Rory Tell '16
Daniel Urban '05
Jocelyn Willoughby '16
David You '19

Thank You To Our Donors

Reimagined Classroom Experiences

As Newark Academy committed to keeping its doors open to in-person learning during the 2020-21 school year, the classroom experience was reimagined in many ways to ensure the safety of the entire community, through support from NA’s Annual Fund.

In order to effectively social distance, non-traditional classrooms were set up in spaces such as the gyms, library and Great Hall. Gifts from generous NA donors provided the opportunity to equip these non-traditional classroom spaces with 18 large screen televisions on carts to ensure lessons were visible to all students.

Gifts made to the Annual Fund also supported the purchase of 50 “Owl” cameras with 360 degree lenses, speakers and omnidirectional microphones to maintain high quality learning experiences for remote students.

The sciences also adapted to COVID-19 restrictions by introducing virtual labs featuring natural selection simulations and chemical experiments. This technology allowed NA students to explore human anatomy and dissections without the need for physical touch.

Make your gift to Newark Academy’s Annual Fund here.
Reimagining rigor for students in grades 6-12