Nathan Drogin ’22 To Play Nationals At Augusta

Nathan Drogin ’22 has been playing golf since he could walk and this spring, he’ll get to walk one of golf’s most coveted courses in, playing a truncated version of the Masters Course at Augusta National in Georgia.
Nathan qualified for the National Finals of the Drive, Pitch and Putt, which is played at Augusta National Golf the Sunday before the Masters Tournament on April 7, 2019. To qualify, golfers had to make it through three stages. Rather than playing a full round of golf, courses were shrunk to make it more like pitch and putt or a par 3 golf course.
While Nathan had tried in years past, he had never made it through to the finals. “This was my first year making it past the second stage and then I actually won the third stage, so that was pretty cool,” Nathan said. Now, he will be one of 10 boys in the oldest age group, 14-15, in the Nationals at Augusta, which will be broadcast live on the Golf Channel.
For Nathan, it’s an exciting way to start his high school golf career. “I played in a lot of tournaments over the summer that will help me a lot more because all you really have to do is hit three putts, three chips and three drives. It’s not a full round of golf. You don’t have to work on everything, so other tournaments will help me more for the golf season,” Nathan said. “But it will help. You still have to be good at golf.”
Nathan hopes he can eventually be good enough for a collegiate career. “Some college coaches maybe look at the finals of this. Like I said, it’s not a full round of golf, so they’re definitely more interested in real tournaments where you’re playing 18 holes, but it’ll help because it’s also on TV, under pressure, there’s cameras around, competition, so it will overall still help.”
For someone who grew up on golf courses thanks to having a mom that is a PGA professional, Nathan is looking forward to playing on one of the most exclusive courses in the world the week before a Major. “I think it will be awesome,” Nathan said. “I’ve seen the course on TV plenty of times. I know it will be awesome. Just to see it in real life will be really cool.”