A Decade of Celebration: Annual Women of NA Luncheon

For the 10th consecutive year, the Women of NA Luncheon celebrated more than 45 years of coeducation at Newark Academy. The inspiring afternoon hosted nearly 100 people to celebrate NA’s standout women. Along with the three Honorees, the event highlighted a woman from each Reunion year class, dating back to 1978, as Women of Distinction.
Keynote speaker Jenna Smith Schwerdt ’98 reflected on how one individual can enact dramatic change in her address, saying, “that's how change happens; one person, one company at a time. More and more startups and new companies have women at the helm from the beginning, which organically creates an understanding culture. The problem now is going back and changing those businesses that have been long established the old way. How do we go about changing establishments that already exist only accommodating men's needs?"
Below is the list of Honorees and Women of Distinction:

2018 List of Women of NA Honorees
Jenna Smith Schwerdt ’98 – Keynote speaker and Alumna Honoree
Kim Hirsh ’80 – Former Trustee Honoree
Cathy Pursell – Faculty Honoree
Women of Distinction
Lisa Melone Cloughen ’78
Sandy Asirvatham ’83
Mei Hong ’88
Suzanne Kecmer ’93
Rima Shah ’98
Julia Kaye ’03
Dana Chernock ’08
Katharine Fuzesi ’13