Newark Academy Announces 2022 Ad Lumen Awards

The prestigious Ad Lumen Award is presented annually to seniors who, in the eyes of their peers and of the faculty, best represent the ideals expressed in the Newark Academy mission statement. While the award recipients typically excel in the classroom, what truly distinguishes them is their commitment to enriching the NA community. In often modest yet purposeful ways, these students are the ones who shape and fuel the remarkable achievements of student organizations, sports teams, arts ensembles and academic classes. They pursue their passions with energy and focus, giving the best of themselves and bringing out the best in others. Congratulations to the Ad Lumen Award recipients from the Class of 2022: Lucy Alaeto, Drew France,  Stella Gilbert and Kaya Patel.

Lucy Alaeto
(Top left)
In a world where many are quick to offer answers, Lucy Alaeto stands out as someone who has demonstrated the courage to ask difficult questions. In Morning Meeting presentations, at Equity and Inclusion Team meetings, as a leader of the Black Student Union, and when speaking with school administrators, Lucy has asked us all to think deeply about who we are, what we stand for, and how we can become a stronger community. Her impact has been significant. For example, in large part because of her educated and educating voice, Newark Academy implemented its BIAS Response and Education system. Her contributions to the Global Speaker Series Committee have similarly challenged us to grow. As a student, Lucy evinces curiosity and tenacity; her presence makes the classroom a better place. Today, we are pleased to recognize her many contributions to Newark Academy with the Ad Lumen Award.

Drew France
(Top right)
Given her intellectual curiosity, desire to lift others up, and strong communication skills, it is no surprise that Drew France has had such a profound impact on the Newark Academy community. As a peer leader, she has modeled mature academic and social choices for younger students; as a member of the Honor Council, she has balanced consequences with compassion; and as co-president of the Black Student Union and member of the Equity and Inclusion Team, she has been instrumental in making our community welcoming for all. She has brought the same level of commitment and standard of excellence to the Mock Trial Team. In the classroom, Drew’s contributions have been described as “creative, critical and sophisticated.” She enhances class discussions by making connections to current global issues, demonstrating a seriousness of purpose in her academic work. Today, we are pleased to recognize her many contributions with this Ad Lumen Award.

Stella Gilbert
(Bottom left)
Highly accomplished yet incredibly modest, independent-minded yet collaborative — this is Stella Gilbert. She does not shy away from challenges; she gravitates towards them. Her drive and passion are remarkable, and her pursuit of her interests is deep. As a School Council member, and this year as council president, she has worked hard for the good of the community. We have all benefited from her steady leadership, which is distinguished by inclusion, compassion, efficiency and vision. She has demonstrated a similar commitment to group success as a Mock Trial lead attorney, field hockey player and singer. Stella’s teachers are quick to note her extraordinary love of learning and selflessness as a student, attributes that inspire her classmates to do their own best work. Although she often shies away from the spotlight, today we are pleased to shine one on her as a recipient of the Ad Lumen Award.

Kaya Patel
(Top right)
Scientist, volunteer, athlete, dancer, artist, writer, scuba diver, cake decorator, activist and scholar. This list describes not 10 different people but one: Kaya Patel. Kaya does so much that she seems to have found a way to fit more than 24 hours into each day. While the breadth and depth of Kaya’s involvement in our community are astounding, what is even more impressive is the sincerity, passion, and joy with which she approaches everything she does. In the classroom, Kaya asks challenging questions, pushes discussions forward, and forms study groups with peers. Outside of the classroom, Kaya demonstrates remarkable generosity of spirit. We have seen this from her on the field hockey pitch, as a member of the Community Service Council, as an editor-in-chief of the Minuteman, and on the Sustainability and Green & Blue Committees. Kaya is a most deserving recipient of the Ad Lumen Award.
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