Salamishah Tillet ’92 Earns 2022 Pulitzer Prize

Newark Academy alumna Salamishah Tillet ’92 was awarded the 2022 Pulitzer Prize in Criticism for her New York Times essays on race in arts and culture. Salamishah, who is a contributing critic at large for the Times, earned the accolade – the nation’s highest in journalism – for “learned and stylish writing about Black stories in art and popular culture – work that successfully bridges academic and nonacademic critical discourse,” the organization announced.

Salamishah is the Henry Rutgers Professor of African American Studies & Creative Writing at Rutgers-Newark and the director of Express Newark, a center for socially engaged art and design that brings the community together. She is also co-founder of A Long Walk Home, a non-profit organization that empowers young people to end violence against girls and women.

In 2017, Salamishah was part of Newark Academy’s Women of Distinction. She will also be awarded the 2022 Newark Academy Alumni Achievement Award during our Alumni Awards Ceremony on Saturday, June 4.
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