Diversity at Newark Academy

Newark Academy welcomes and celebrates diversity and brings individuals together in an atmosphere where all are valued. We like to say that we have many voices but one purpose. Together, we learn and grow not just as students and faculty but as citizens of the world, acknowledging, embracing, discussing and respecting our differences.

Equity and Inclusion Team

The mission of Newark Academy’s Equity and Inclusion Team is to promote diversity, equity and justice throughout the school community. The team is comprised of student and faculty representatives in both Middle and Upper Schools who work to create new programs and expand existing ones in conjunction with the Academy’s strategic diversity initiatives.

Student Organizations

The NA faculty and student body engage in initiatives that invite action and dialogue to promote diversity, inclusion and deeper understanding of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion and socioeconomic status. The Academy empowers students to take an active role in this work. Below are some of the clubs that have been working hard to move the conversation forward and to educate the community.

Diversity Groups on Campus

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  • Asian Diversity

    The club works to advance Asian traditions and help the school understand and embrace Asian culture and traditions. Activities include learning languages, watching foreign films and sampling Asian cuisine.
  • Gay-Straight Alliance

    Weekly meetings are designed to be an open forum for the discussion of issues such as sexuality, homophobia, gender identity, heterosexism and gay rights.
  • Indian Club

    From fashion shows to Diwali celebrations, from dance competitions to food tasting, the Indian Club raises awareness of the importance of the Indian population at Newark Academy, in New Jersey and in the world.
  • Jewish Club

    The Jewish Club provides an opportunity to discuss issues and to promote cultural awareness and understanding. Club members are also involved in affiliated community service work.
  • Umojaa Club

    Umojaa means “unity” in Swahili. Members of the club seek to bring together students and faculty committed to learning about African-American culture and promote unity among students of all backgrounds.

Diversity News

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  • NA Will Participating in Far Brook School’s Second Annual Diversity Conference

    On Saturday, November 11, Newark Academy will participate in Far Brook School’s Second Annual Diversity Conference: Widening the Lens. This daylong dynamic and interactive program is intended to educate and train school leadership to broaden and improve inclusion within the vastly diverse communities of New Jersey’s independent schools. The unique structure of this conference invites twelve NJ independent schools to bring together a "pod" of individuals, each of whom can play a role in advancing the diversity discussion at his/her respective school; for example, students, parents, teachers, administrators, diversity coordinators, alumni, and members of the Board of Trustees. The pods reunite during the afternoon sessions to create action plans for their school inspired by the morning’s work.
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  • Rise Up: A Presentation by Newark Academy’s Equity and Inclusion Team

    On September 20, 2017, students and faculty members heard from NA’s Equity and Inclusion Team (EIT). They shared their thoughts about the role and mission of EIT at NA, and ultimately why all of this work really belongs to – and benefits – all of us. 
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  • The Equity and Inclusion Team’s Third Diversi-Tea Event

    On May 10, Newark Academy's Equity and Inclusion Team hosted its third Diversi-Tea event of the school year on "Ableism Awareness: What We Don't Know." Students and faculty watched short film clips and engaged in discussions, exploring the impacts of ableism (discrimination in favor of able-bodied people) on our campus -and beyond, and what we can do as a community.
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Director of Equity and Inclusion

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  • Candice Powell-Caldwell 

    Director of Equity and Inclusion
    McMaster University, Ontario - B.A.
    Columbia University - M.A.