Affording a Newark Academy Education

Newark Academy (NA) seeks to attract a diverse and talented student body. To achieve this, we are committed to making the NA education accessible to mission-appropriate students regardless of financial limitations. As such, NA maintains a considerable financial assistance program to ensure that the most qualified candidates have the opportunity to attend NA regardless of financial circumstances. 
Financial awards are grant awards and do not need to be repaid. Applying for financial assistance has no bearing on the Admission Committee’s deliberations and its assessment of an applicant’s potential as an NA student. 

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For more information

Please contact Alexis Sommers, Director of Financial Aid, at or (973) 992-7000 ext. 277. 

Financial Assistance At A Glance (School Year 2017-18)

  • NA spends approximately 13.5% of its gross tuition on financial aid
  • NA distributed more than $3 million in financial aid to nearly 15% of our student body
  • Awards range from roughly $6,000 to 100% of tuition and estimated fees (“total cost”)
  • The average award is roughly $30,000
  • Awards are granted to families with a range of incomes as shown below