• November

    First Diversi-Tea of the School Year Discusses Social Justice

    The Equity and Inclusion Team hosted the first Divesi-Tea of the school year on November 8. Students and faculty filled the four tables in Kaltenbacher Hall to discuss social justice, defining it as, “the concept that communities or societies should be constructed in such a way that all its members are physically and psychologically safe, experience equity in regard to power and access to resources, and have the ability to fully participate in that community or society.”
    From there, students discussed works against social justice and works toward social justice, writing their ideas on a post-it that could be hung under the respective sections.
    The meeting closed with the group discussing what actions could be taken at NA for more social justice as well as how one can be an ally.
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  • Newark Academy Set for First DiversiTea of the Year

    Newark Academy’s Equity and Inclusion Team will host the first DiversiTea of the 2018-19 school year. What has become a staple of the Equity and Inclusion Team’s efforts within NA, this DiversiTea will explore the challenges to making NA more inclusive and identify actions that everyone can take now. The event will take place on Thursday, November 8 at 2:30 p.m. in Kaltebacher Hall.
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  • August


    On September 5, 2018, current and new students, NA leadership and faculty members will come together for Newark Academy’s 245th Convocation Ceremony and welcome Taffi Ayodele ’00, the keynote speaker. The annual Convocation Ceremony inspires NA students to connect with classmates as they begin the momentous journey of a new academic year.
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  • February

    NA Equity and Inclusion Team presents "Into the Red Zone: Student Voice at NA"

    The Equity and Inclusion Team's upcoming Diversi-Tea, which is on February 15, from 2:30-3:15pm in Kaltenbacher Hall, will be centered around the idea of open discourse on topics typically silenced or considered "taboo." Possible topics may include socio-economics, freedom of expression, or even the use of comedy as both a coping mechanism and invalidation. As always, these DiversiTeas are open to all NA student and faculty/staff members, and having a respectful but honest conversation remains our primary goal.
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  • Five days, 16 Causes, 17 Clubs, One Revolution

    NA empowers students to use their imaginations, explore possibilities, discover new passions and become contributing members of society. Every day, they find new ways to raise awareness about issues they care about and from February 5-9, the NA community will celebrate these revolutionary ways to inspire others to speak up and speak out during Revolution Week. Students will address an array of causes including modern-day slave labor, sexual assault, the role of art in social change, climate change, anti-Semitism and inaccuracies in the media, politics and LGBT issues, protecting national parks, and more. Events will include fundraisers, discussion groups, and movie screenings and will allow students to demonstrate the power they have as change makers. Click here for the full schedule. 
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  • January

    Special Speaker Inspires Middle School Students to Be Great

    “I was dealt a bad hand in life but I was not afraid to fail,” said Rohan Murphy to Middle School students during a special presentation on January 16, 2018. Rohan is a nationally recognized youth speaker and has spoken about his challenges – and successes – in more than 40 states. 
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