2017 Panasonic Creative Design Challenge

On April 27, NA students will participate in the 2017 Panasonic Creative Design Challenge, a premier science and technology competition where the engineering and technical skills of New Jersey high school students are put to the test. The end goal? To create a robotic device that can withstand the difficulty of a demanding course.
NA’s budding engineers have the opportunity to hone their critical thinking, teamwork, problem-solving and creative skills, as well as apply their mathematical, mechanical and electrical engineering knowledge to the challenge.
The talented NA team, advised by Mr. Bitler, includes co-captains Matthew Lim '17 and Jocelyn Tolpin '17, inner team member Albert Anwar ’18 and extended team trainees Charles Pan ’18, Rebecca Slater ’18, Libby Stein ’18, Lance Tan ’17, and Allen Zhu ’18.
The 2017 Challenge is the “Tesla Challenge.” Teams must create a device that will collect and assemble parts of a Tesla Model 3 electric car. A Tesla chassis will be positioned overhead on two aluminum bars, representing the assembly line, and can be programmed to move after each assembly task. Teams will be required to design and construct a device that has the ability to navigate, collect car parts and complete several assembly tasks that are associated with manufacturing an electric car. The device must assemble the parts on the chassis that is elevated on two parallel aluminum bars. Teams will also be required to program an Arduino to move the chassis down the assembly line in between tasks for additional points.
In a continued effort to raise awareness of the environment and eco-friendly strategies, teams will also be required to design a robotic device that will assemble parts on an electric vehicle, which runs on rechargeable batteries instead of gasoline