NA Students’ Hone their Digital Literacy Skills in Summer Internship

This summer, NA students William Hayward ‘18, Andrew Cen ‘19, Drew Flanagan ’19 and Veronica Zhang ’19 interned at Identifor, a non-profit founded by NA parents Cuong Do and Lori Rickles. Cuong also serves as a member of the NA Board of Trustees. William, Andrew, Drew and Veronica helped develop the company’s app “Companion,” a mobile application which helps college and adult individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder manage everyday tasks, subsequently increasing the individual's level of independence. 
As well as offering services such as calendar management, routine and medication reminders, money management, navigation and more, the app has a built in artificial intelligence avatar. One of the various tasks the group worked was optimizing the performance of the AI avatar, using machine learning-based natural speech processing services provided by Amazon and Google.
They will go to Rutgers University in late August to work with students in its College Support Program to test the app.