Drew Flanagan ’19 Worked with Rutgers University Students to Test an App

Drew Flanagan ’19 recently worked with students in Rutgers University’s College Support Program to test an app he and fellow classmates William Hayward '18, Andrew Cen ’19 and Veronica Zhang ’19 worked on this summer during their internship at Identifor, a non-profit founded by NA parents Cuong Do and Lori Rickles. Cuong also serves as a member of the NA Board of Trustees. Drew worked with the students directly and provided them with a list of tasks to complete within the app. They gave him feedback about they thought was easy to use, intuitive, unclear, and difficult to understand. “One of the students had used the app for a week before we met and found it to be helpful,” said Drew. “The experience was extremely rewarding. All summer, I saw the databases and behind the scene stuff so it was nice to observe people actually interacting with the app. I really appreciated the staff in College Support Program’s help in setting up this meeting.” (William, Andrew, and Veronica, unfortunately, were not able to go to Rutger’s due to scheduling conflicts.)