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Newark Academy is an inclusive community composed of an exceptional faculty dedicated to encouraging a global perspective that empowers students to develop a depth of character, innovative thinking, and commitment to service.

Newark Academy welcomes and celebrates diversity and brings individuals together in an atmosphere where all are valued. We like to say that we have many voices but one purpose. Together, we learn and grow not just as students and faculty but as citizens of the world, acknowledging, embracing, discussing and respecting our differences.

Gardy Guiteau, Director of Equity and Inclusion

"Newark Academy aspires to practice equity and inclusion actively, intentionally, and ongoingly by developing policies, programs, and practices aimed at achieving fairness such that all members of our community can have access, have their voices heard, and attain a sense of belonging."

Director of Equity and Inclusion

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    Gardy Guiteau 

    Director of Equity & Inclusion

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To the Newark Academy Community,
The brutal death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd on Monday, May 25 as result of police action was the latest in a long history of violence perpetrated against people of color in this country. The subsequent protests -- peaceful and otherwise -- are expressions of rage, fear, frustration, horror and despair that communities of color are feeling, and have felt for generations. Martin Luther King observed, “A riot is the language of the unheard.” As much as we may deplore the violence and destruction of property, we cannot avert our eyes from the root cause of these outbreaks: systemic injustice that is persistent and ongoing.
Newark Academy is not immune. Our entire community -- and most especially our students, families, faculty and staff of color -- are wounded, angry and exhausted as injustice and oppression have once again emerged to remind us that regardless of past efforts, there remains so much more to be done to be a truly equitable and inclusive community.
We hear and affirm the voices of our courageous NA students who have reached out to us over the past several days. We applaud those students, families, faculty and staff who are participating in demonstrations of solidarity in Newark, Morristown and throughout the state. We applaud these actions and those of which we are, as yet, unaware.  
As the adult leaders of our community, we remain committed to working side by side with our students and faculty to effect change at Newark Academy. As an educational community, we must work together to harness our knowledge and feelings into productive actions. While Newark Academy cannot singlehandedly remedy the scourge of systemic racism, we will not abdicate our responsibility to be part of the solution. As an entire community, we must remain focused on the needs of students; we must continue to increase our understanding of the disparity of privilege that exists between white people and people of color; and we must set aside our uncertainties to engage in the difficult conversations around racial justice that must take place.
Our work together will begin tomorrow with “Making Meaning of Minneapolis” discussion groups for Middle School and Upper School students. These meetings are not intended to bring resolution, but to give our students the opportunity to express their feelings, to begin constructive dialogue and, when they have been heard and affirmed, to take action. Newark Academy has the opportunity to become a model for the kind of community that we need in this country.
Donald M. Austin
Head of School
David D. McGraw, Chairman of Board of Trustees
Samuel W. Croll, Chair-Elect of Board of Trustees
John Amosa, Director of Athletics
Tom Ashburn, Principal, NA Middle School
Richard DiBianca, Ph.D., Principal, NA Upper School
Keith Fischer, Director of Admission & Enrollment Management
Pegeen Galvin, Dean of Students
Sam Goldfischer, Director of Business & Finance
Lisa Grider, Ass't. Head of School/Ext. Affairs
Gardy Guiteau, Director of Equity & Inclusion
Sarah Guelich, Director of Human Resources
David Kapferer, Director of Technology
Robert Mallalieu, Director of Library Services &
Summer Program 
Kirsti Morin, Middle School Counselor
Lisa Mulligan, Director of Development
Von Rollenhagen, Dean of the Faculty
Lou Scerra, Director of Institutional Research &  Strategy 
Brian Stephenson, Director of Operations
Carol Spooner, Upper School Counselor
Jeff Vinikoor, Director of Studies
Renée Walker, Ed.D., Director of Communications &  Marketing
Kerry Winiarski, Director of College Counseling