COVID-19 Operational Plan - Health and Safety Guidelines
Staff Training/Camper Instruction
  • Virtual, trained to identify signs and symptoms of a camper being ill - specifically trained to look for signs and symptoms of COVID-19
  • Camper Instruction on usual safe practices – hand washing, hygiene, coughing/sneezing into arm or tissue, no spitting, sports etiquette (no spitting, high-fives, handshakes, etc.). 

Screening and Admittance
  • No person – camp or staff – shall be allowed at camp if they have a fever (100.4) or other collective and obvious signs of being sick with COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Camps are required to screen staff and campers prior to entering camp.
  • For parent drop off: prior to exiting the car, the camper’s temperature will be taken by a staff member.  
  • If a student, camper or employee has a fever of >100.4, or symptoms of any illness, he/she will not be allowed to attend. 
  • If they have fever or symptoms before camp, they must stay home and report the absence as quickly as possible.
  • Upon entering the building, your temperature will be taken by a staff member.
  • If you have symptoms of any illness and/or have a temperature >100.4, you will be sent home immediately.
  • In the event that your child becomes ill during camp hours, a parent will be notified immediately and arrangements for pick up will be discussed with the nursing team.
  • Parents are required to provide two emergency contacts other than themselves who are available during camp hours to pick up the ill child within one hour.

Face masks, infection control and social distancing
  • Staff and campers are required to wear masks when social distancing cannot be maintained– unless for health and safety reasons or extreme heat and it is not feasible to wear masks. This does not include when staff is interacting with their assigned groups.
  • Interpretation: when you are interacting with individuals outside the campers’ group (like visiting office staff, nurse, or any other person outside of the group or do not typically interact with) and when groups are interacting with other groups and social distance cannot be maintained, you need to wear a face mask (i.e.: entire camp has to take cover under tent for rain and it would be impossible to social distance). This does not mean groups cannot be at an assembly together– they just need to be spaced out and no masks are required when spaced out.
  • Camps are required to supply staff with face coverings and gloves. Gloves are for food service and other glove-appropriate activity.
  • Staff may choose to wear their own masks they prefer.
  • Inside the building, all coaches and campers are required to wear their own facial coverings or masks unless contraindicated due to a medical condition. This should be discussed with the medical team prior to coming on campus. If they do not have access to their own facial covering, one will be provided to them. 
  • Campers, and employees will not be permitted inside the building without wearing a facial covering. This will be strictly enforced for the safety of others.
  • Coaches, campers, or employees alone in a space are permitted to remove their mask.
  • It is recommended that you send your camper with their own facial covering so they are prepared to cover up should they come within 6 ft. of others outside of their home group during downtime.
  • When outside, camp employees will be required to wear facial coverings at all times when coming within 6 ft. of others outside their group. 

Infection Control Strategies
  • Staggered arrivals/departures
  • Communication for all things COVID-19 with staff, parents, campers.
  • Handwashing/Hand sanitizer stations will be provided and encouraged throughout the day.
  • Enhanced cleaning throughout all areas of camp.
  • Baseball bats, basketballs, kickballs, for example – will be cleaned in between group use.
  • Non-essential visitors will be limited. All visitors must wear masks unless it would inhibit their health.

Positive tests
  • When camp becomes aware of a staff or camper that has a positive test, the camp will notify the state and Local Health Department.
  • Policy for COVID-type symptoms for staff/camper; they will be in isolation in the medical suite, (isolation, PPE, send home, etc.)
  • Below are current links to help you evaluate how contact tracing might be applied by County and Local Health Departments –
Camp scenarios:
  • Parents of campers or staff in the same household tests positive -household is deemed "close contact" - the camper/staff must stay home, practice social distancing and monitor for symptoms. NO impact on camp other than the kid not coming to camp for 14 days after the confirmed parent no longer must isolate.
  • Parents are notified that they are a contact of someone who tested positive - kids/staff in the household are fine to come to camp so long as the parent stays asymptomatic. If they become symptomatic - then "above" applies.
  • Staff (or camper) tests positive - -Staff would not come to work for 7 days after first developed symptoms AND 72 hours (3 days) after your fever has ended without the use of fever-reducing medications and your symptoms have significantly improved (whichever period is longer). Local health MAY call a positive person to determine who was a "close contact:” household and any individuals within 6 feet for a prolonged period (10 minutes or more). That camper group may not be considered a close contact, but worst case - if they are deemed close contact - - camp group would have to self-isolate for 14 days from the last day they were in contact with the staff.
  • Staff tests positive - how does that impact other camp people not in his/her personal group: they would all be casual contacts or no contacts- and no special precautions apply.

  • Camper groupings and staff will remain the same each day (absent new kids and kids leaving each week) – to maximum extent possible.

    • No mixing groups and minimize movement between groups to best of your ability
    • Groups and interact with other groups – social distance between groups.
    • Again – Masks: only when social distancing cannot be maintained (but not intended to mean within your camp/staff group you are in every day together).
  • Again – Masks: only when social distancing cannot be maintained (but not intended to mean within your camp/staff group you are in every day together).
  • 1:1:20 (ages 5-17 years old) 1 adult, 1 counselor
  • Groups will remain unchanged day to day and no intermingling between assigned groups.
  • Inclement weather – use of tents or inside the building, social distancing between groups.
  • Ratio: 1:1:10 (5-17 years old) 1 adult, 1 counselor
Food service
  • Food will be served outdoors, eaten under tents.
  • There will be no self-service.
  • Tables will be cleaned between groups.
  • Groups can eat at the same time, but will not intermingle.
  • Staff will wear gloves and face masks when plating food and serving.
  • Please note that campers, students, and employees will not have access to water fountains. Water will be provided through our group. 

Certified school nurses and athletic trainer will be on duty throughout the day and will be handling all illnesses and injuries as needed.