Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music

Musicians of all calibers can find a home in our band room and enjoy dynamic instruction from inspirational music teachers who cultivate the musical and artistic development of their students. Music education provides opportunities for self-expression as well as the transformative practice of collaboration.  Our vibrant ensembles include Orchestra, Chamber Music, Wind Ensemble, and our nationally-recognized Jazz bands. Guest artists, festivals and field trips to become immersed in the New York City music scene enrich the program and broaden musical perspectives.

  • Orchestra
    A great orchestra produces a rich, sumptuous, well-blended sound. Once you perform symphonic masterpieces from the Baroque to the contemporary, you will never look back. 

  • Chamber
    By listening to and analyzing music, these works are brought to life through attention to phrasing, balance, blend, and sensitivity to musical cultures and genres. 

  • Wind Ensemble
    What makes a band distinct? When the band itself is bigger than the sum of its parts. When the members feed off each other, something magical happens.

  • Jazz
    The language of Jazz is a specialized form of music.  Literacy requires complex phrasing, articulation, balance, blend, and stylistic use of dynamics. Students work on jazz improvisation,  jazz transcription,  and learning the history of the different eras in jazz. Auditions for entry into several co-curricular jazz bands are held annually.

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