Eco-Conscious Living & Learning

Newark Academy empowers young people to be effective change-makers and contributors to the broader community of the world. The school is committed to educating students about the importance of sustainability and providing an experience in which students can develop the skills needed to be ethically responsible global citizens. Within the classroom, during extracurricular activities and beyond, NA students "go green" in a multitude of ways!

Building Towards A More Sustainable Future

Throughout its 68-acre campus, Newark Academy utilizes a variety of sustainable practices to reduce its carbon footprint and energy use. From the implementation of green building to the adoption of recycling and waste management techniques, Newark Academy is committed to conserving and protecting our natural resources. Recent efforts include:

  • Achieving Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold for the construction of the Petrello Upper School Academic Center in 2011

  • Employing lessons learned from LEED Gold building as the school designs and builds new parts of the NA campus

  • Lowering energy usage in older parts of the NA building by retrofitting traditional fluorescent fixtures to LED

  • Implementing waste prevention and a more efficient recycling system for all waste, including electronics

  • Adhering to Integrated Pest Management Guidelines

  • Using green cleaning supplies 

Inside The Classroom

Newark Academy offers an innovative educational experience, where students are empowered to think critically, adopt global perspectives and have a generosity of spirit. NA educators are helping students to dive deeper into sustainability in a number of ways, including:
  • Engaging 6th grade students in the study of sustainable cities

  • Offering an International Baccalaureate (IB) Environmental Science course as part of the school's IB Diploma Program

  • Conducting water testing and stream assessments of the Passaic River as part of an 8th grade science class's lesson about forest ecology. Students wrote letters to elected official as part of a year-long focus on ethical leadership.

  • Developing and enhancing the ways in which Newark Academy teaches sustainability across the curriculum, with support through the Martini Educational and Opportunity Trust

Student Activities Committed To Sustainable Solutions

Newark Academy students consistently pursue new and creative ways in which they can be more environmentally responsible and involved in service-related activities. Students unite, both formally and informally, to adopt more eco-conscious practices and raise awareness about sustainability. This includes: 

  • Promoting practices and behaviors that will reduce the school's environmental footprint and educating the community on issues of sustainability through the student-run Green and Blue Committee

  • Hosting the Annual Northern New Jersey Eco-Summit with support from the Green and Blue Committee to connect with keynote speakers, workshop leaders and each other 

  • Participating regularly in the Clean Ocean Action Beach Sweep at Sandy Hook to collect and catalog trash from New Jersey beaches  

  • Forming alliances among NA student groups' sustainability representatives, including:
    • Equity and Inclusion Team
    • School Council
    • Service Council

  • Tending to the Morris County Community Garden during the Middle School Day of Service 

  • Engaging in the 2021-2022 service theme of sustainability and eco-justice

    A Conscientious Dining Program

    SAGE Dining, Newark Academy's proud partner for all food service needs, is committed to sustainability. As a leading food service provider for independent schools throughout North America, SAGE's conscientious effort to minimize waste and implement environmentally-responsible business practices includes its choice of vendors, selection of products and design of the dining program. This includes:

    In The Kitchen
    • Batch cooking to minimize waste
    • ENERGY STAR certified appliances

    In The Dining Hall
    • Seasonal and specialty products from local vendors
    • Trayless dining to promote water and energy conservation
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