Academic Resources

Newark Academy provides numerous academic resources to assist students throughout their educational experience at the school. While our program is rigorous and expectations are high, students are supported in every aspect of school life as they adjust academically, personally, and socially. The following resources are available to all NA students:

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  • The Advisor Program

    Every student at NA has a faculty advisor. Advisors meet with their advisees regularly to guide course selection, monitor progress, lead advisor group discussions on important topics of the day or year, and generally serve as mentors. In addition, advisors serve as a strong liaison to parents, communicating regularly so that parents are informed about how their child is progressing.
  • Peer Tutoring Program

    Many of our most successful Upper School students volunteer to be tutors for schoolmates who find they are struggling in a given subject. Study sessions can be scheduled for once each cycle or be organized less formally at mutually convenient times and locations chosen by the students.
  • Extra Help

    At NA, time is built into the end of each day for students to meet as needed with their teachers to gain further understanding of subject matter. Students and teachers can also meet during mutual free periods or through phone or e-mail contact. Additionally, our faculty utilizes the school’s website to provide updates on the syllabus, post important points from class discussions, and even conduct after-school class discussions.
  • Writing Specialist

    The Writing Specialist offers students a variety of opportunities to develop the skills of academic writing across all disciplines.  In periodic lunchtime workshops, Upper School students can learn about key aspects of the writing process (e.g. crafting thesis statements, using evidence, editing and revising).  Individual help on specific assignments is also available for both Upper and Middle School students through the Writing Lab; by working with the Writing Specialist at any stage in the writing process, students learn valuable skills and strategies they can apply to future assignments as well.
  • Learning Consultant

    Some students come to NA with mild, diagnosed learning differences, and some experience unanticipated difficulties as they move through the program. The Academy provides a learning specialist and a resource center where individual students can receive attention in study skills, test taking strategies, or subject-specific support.