Have you ever thought about what makes a good student versus a skilled, lifelong learner?

Most schools focus on studying material, completing homework, participating in class; in other words, academic engagement. We expect those who enroll to be academically engaged, good students. Our task—and our joy—is lighting the fire of intellectual engagement: grappling with ideas, finding intrinsic motivation, and seeking ways to apply knowledge and skills to solve problems in our world. The level of challenge is also important: we don’t want students to be either bored or anxious, but find the right balance that encourages engagement in their own learning.

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  • Newark Academy Federal Reserve Challenge Team Wins Bracket, Named Group Champion

    The Newark Academy Federal Reserve Challenge team participated remotely in the preliminary round of this year's High School Federal Reserve Challenge, organized by the Federal Reserve Challenge Bank of New York on Wednesday, March 12, winning their bracket and named a group champion. The team members were seniors Eric Lieberman, Sophia Chen and Andrew Pulver, and juniors Emily Tang and Spencer Loh. During their 30-minute presentation, students discussed what action they would take if they were members of the Federal Open Market Committee (a crucial part of the Federal Reserve System responsible for setting monetary policy) in the current economy, and then took questions from a Fed monetary policy expert. This required the students to present, analyze and evaluate economic data before explaining their policy recommendations.
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  • Newark Academy’s Cameron Wright ’23 Advances to the Vex Robotics VRC World Championship.

    Newark Academy freshman Cameron Wright recently competed in the Vex Robotics New Jersey VRC State Championship, where he and his partners received the Excellence Award. Cameron's team now qualifies to compete in the Vex Robotics World Championship which will take place on April 22-25 in Louisville, KY. The Excellence Award is an all-around award for innovative design, teamwork challenge competition, autonomous robot programming, the maintenance of an excellent engineering notebook, and live interviews with the judges.
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