The Fire of Intellectual Engagement

Our task—and our joy—is lighting the fire of intellectual engagement: grappling with ideas, finding intrinsic motivation, and seeking ways to apply knowledge and skills to solve problems in our world.

The level of challenge is also important: we don’t want students to be either bored or anxious, but find the right balance that encourages engagement in their own learning.

Newark Academy provides a strong foundation that is focused on the development of skills that allow one to nimbly adapt to constantly evolving circumstances. NA's curriculum emphasizes skills-based learning grounded in relevant content—
The Six Cs⁠.

Newark Academy is renowned for its unique offerings, which include the:

Meet The Academic Leadership Team

List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Tom Ashburn

    Tom Ashburn 

    Middle School Principal, Assistant Director of Summer Programs
  • Photo of Catherine Atwell

    Catherine Atwell 

    Upper School Principal
  • Photo of Russell Marsh

    Russell Marsh 

    Director of Equity and Belonging
  • Photo of Traci Osterhagen Brock

    Traci Osterhagen Brock 

    Dean of Faculty
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