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Newark Academy students prepare for tomorrow while enjoying and deploying the possibilities of each day. Meet our Upper School and Middle School students and learn more about a typical day at NA.

Ben '21 Discusses Reimagining Rigor and Jazz

Jordan '21 Discusses the Celebrating Challenges in the Upper School Experience

Chase '21 Discusses the Upper School Athletics and Academics Experience

Molly '21 Discusses STEM Experiences

Jeffery '21 Discusses the Upper School Inspiring Integrity in Student Council and Equity & Inclusion

Yasmeena '23 Discusses Thriving Together in Upper School Arts

Millie '26 Discusses the Middle School Experience

Jacqueline '21 Discusses Upper School Inspiring Integrity with Equity & Inclusion

Chase '22 Discusses Networking Opportunities and Coaches

Kate '22 Discusses Celebrating Challenge in Upper School Athletics and Academics

Jacqueline '21 Discusses Thriving Together with Peer Support

Jeffery '21 Discusses the Alumni Network Thriving Together and Branching Out

Ben '21 Discusses the NA Community Thriving Together

Jordan '21 Discusses the Bonds Formed Thriving Together

Kate '22 Discusses the Diversity at Newark Academy and the Athletic Coaches

Molly '21 Discusses Creating Opportunities in STEM, Thriving Together

Naveen '26 Discusses the Middle School Experience

Ben '21 Discusses STEM Experiences

Shaping independent education for grades 6-12 in Northern New Jersey