Affording Newark Academy

Managing Costs Beyond Tuition

Costs to Attend

Newark Academy strives to minimize costs beyond tuition and provide support for costs to attend. All costs related to the required course curriculum are covered by tuition and fees. However, a student's extra-curricular activities may require additional costs.

NA has set aside funds to help students/families receiving financial aid with certain additional expenses like the Upper School Immersion experience and pre-season athletic trips. In both instances, financial aid is provided at the same rate (percentage) as a student's financial aid award for tuition. 

Additionally, students/families receiving financial aid are provided a cost beyond tuition allowance at the start of each school year to help with additional costs. Some examples of these costs include books, supplies, laptop rentals, instrument rentals, and AP and IB exam fees.

The single largest cost beyond tuition and fees is for door-to-door transportation for those students living in one of the many communities served by Newark Academy’s bus service partner-of-choice. Transportation is provided without cost for Newark Academy students living in Newark, Irvington, Orange, East Orange, and Hillside, subject to change based on student population.

Transportation to/from many other towns is available through Newark Academy's busing partner-of-choice, and individual transportation contracts can range from $4,000-$7,000. Contracting for busing is exclusively between the families and the busing partner-of-choice. Parents who choose to send their child to Newark Academy may be eligible to receive a partial reimbursement of up to $1,022 from their resident school district to cover part of the cost of providing their own transportation to school (visit here to learn more).
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