Affording Newark Academy

Managing Costs Beyond Tuition

Newark Academy makes every effort to minimize costs beyond tuition and fees for our students and families. All costs related to the required course curriculum are covered by tuition and fees. However, a student’s extra-curricular activities may require additional costs that are paid by families. NA designates a limited pool of funds to assist students/families receiving financial aid with costs beyond tuition and fees. If available, this assistance is provided at the same rate (percentage of need) that governs the student’s financial aid award.  Examples of costs beyond tuition and fees are costs for:
  • club, activity or team trips (both day and overnight)
  • instruments, equipment and supplies for activities
  • fees for standardized exams (PSAT, AP and IB exams)
The single largest cost beyond tuition and fees is for door-to-door transportation for those students living in one of the 90 communities served by Newark Academy bus service. Bus transportation is secured through a separate contract with Belair Transport and costs are set annually, based on the number of students using the bus for transportation to and from school. The average annual cost of NA bus transportation is between $3,200 and $5,600.  Newark Academy parents may apply to their local public school district for reimbursement for the cost of transportation to and from school.

More information on Financial Aid guidelines, policies and aid for costs beyond tuition, please click here.
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