Upper School

Expanding Essential Masteries, Exploring Personal Passions

Newark Academy's Upper School is both rigorous and invigorating. Students are challenged to delve more expansively into research, articulate their arguments, more precisely, and engage more fearlessly with the ideas and opportunities that excite them the most. Students at Newark Academy take intellectual risks, pursue personal passions, rise to challenges, and assume ownership over their educational experiences. 

As a culture that rewards intellectual risk-taking, the Upper School at Newark Academy not only prepares students for success at prestigious colleges around the world but also equips them for everything after.

Newark Academy Upper School offerings include:

Nick '24 Discusses the Opportunities at NA's Upper School

Meet the Team

List of 7 members.

  • Photo of Catherine Atwell

    Catherine Atwell 

    Upper School Principal
  • Photo of Daniel Reed

    Daniel Reed 

    Assistant Upper School Principal, MSON Liaison
  • Photo of Tara DelRusso

    Tara DelRusso 

    Class of 2025 Dean, Peer Tutoring Coordinator, Health & Physical Education Faculty
  • Photo of Sky Monroe

    Sky Monroe 

    Class of 2026 Dean, English Faculty
  • Photo of Megan Ferentinos

    Megan Ferentinos 

    Class of 2027 Dean, Health & Physical Education Faculty
  • Photo of Rachel Shapiro Cooper

    Rachel Shapiro Cooper 

    Class of 2028 Dean, Theatre Arts, Pre-Orientation Director
  • Photo of Karen Kuser

    Karen Kuser 

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