Upper School

At Newark Academy, we strive to provide an engaging, supportive and friendly environment while offering the highest quality preparation for academic success at the university level. Beyond this, we seek to instill the tools and values our students need to lead successful and happy lives.
In our seminar-style classes, teachers encourage inquiry, debate and discussion. We focus on developing skills and attitudes rather than simple content mastery, training our students to be insightful writers, researchers, speakers, problem-solvers, collaborators and critical thinkers.

Whether or not students choose to pursue an IB diploma (more than a third do, and most others take individual IB courses in areas of interest), the IB program leverages a higher bar of excellence and fosters a deeper intellectual experience in our community.
As they take on greater freedom and responsibility, our students become part of the dialog about learning at NA by serving on faculty committees and contributing to educational discussions. They begin to focus their energies outward as informed, thoughtful citizens grounded in core disciplines and trained in the process of inquiry. Newark Academy graduates navigate the world with resourcefulness, resilience and humility.