Upper School
Experiential Learning

June Term

Re-Imagining the End of the School Year

In many schools, the end of the school year is characterized by exams, low energy, and day-dreams of summer, but in 2010 Newark Academy faculty and students re-imagined what the final days of the academic calendar could look like. The result of those conversations was June Term – when each student attends a single topic class for the final two weeks of the year. June Term courses involve students in hands-on experiences, empowering them to grapple with challenging ideas, see connections between concepts and reality, make mistakes, and learn from them. Many courses involve field trips and guest speakers. All June Term courses result in a distinctive final product or project, allowing students to synthesize what they have learned and put it into practice

NA students choose from 23 wide-ranging offerings in June Term including:

List of 10 items.

  • “Making Things Fly”: From Gliders to RocketNavigating the Jim Crow South

  • “No Guts, No Glory”: A Comparative Study of Animals with Backbones

  • “One with the Force”: Creative Writing with Mythology

  • American History Through Musical

  • Android App development

  • Food and the American identity

  • Molecules & Concepts That Changed the World

  • Podcasting

  • The Healing Power of Dance

  • Wilderness First Aid

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