College Counseling

Process and Programs

Newark Academy’s college counselors are mindful that students (and parents) may find the college search process stressful. Two essential aspects of NA’s College Counseling staff’s work with students is de-mystifying the application process and teaching students to become effective self-advocates. Here’s a look at some key milestones that Newark Academy uses to effectively prepare students for selecting the college or university that is right for them.

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  • Sophomore Year (10th grade)

    Every student meets with the Upper School Principal to chart his/her course of study for the final two years at NA. While parents may attend this meeting, the dialogue is student-focused.

    Students who have not already done so may sit for the PSAT (Pre-SAT) exam. This exam is conducted during a school day at Newark Academy and is open to 10th and 11th graders. Sophomores will take the Pre-ACT as well.

    Students who may be interested in participating in intercollegiate athletics may attend NCAA Night, which typically occurs in February of each year. Parents are invited.
  • Summer After Sophomore Year

    Many students begin informal visits to campuses that think they may be of interest. However, it is worth noting that summer is not the best time to visit a campus as traditional undergraduates and admission professionals are often not present.
  • Fall of Junior Year (11th grade)

    Each member of the class is assigned to one of NA’s college counselors. This typically occurs in November.

    Students may attend meetings with college representatives.
  • January of Junior Year

    College Night for Juniors – for all members of the class and their parent(s).
  • Spring Semester of Junior Year

    Individual conferences between a student and his/her assigned college counselor begin and continue throughout the semester. Parents are welcome and encouraged to meet with their child’s college counselor at any point in this process. Through these individual meetings and the use of Naviance Family Connection, students and their college counselors shape a personal list of colleges to consider. Counselors also help students consider finances and other factors that may impact their choices — enabling each student to make his/her best choice.

    Programs occur throughout the year for students and parents covering topics such as: “Making The Most of A College Visit,” and “Navigating the College Financial Aid Process.” Each year the staff hosts Case Studies Night which provides an inside look at how college admissions officers read applications and make admission decisions. 

    NA’s College Counseling Workshop (CCW), a required program series, begins. Students attend CCW six times during junior year and five times during senior year, with each session designed to assist them in a different stage of the college search process. 

    Students may attend meetings with the more than 100 college/university admission representatives who visit the NA campus each year. These meetings allow students to introduce themselves and ask questions.

    Students register to take either the SAT or ACT admission tests. Both testing organizations offer multiple locations and test dates.
  • Summer prior to Senior Year

    Students may choose to attend “Get Your Applications and Essays Finished” sessions that are offered by the NA college counseling staff.
  • Fall of Senior Year

    Early Decision/Early Action application deadlines for most colleges and universities (dates vary by institution).

    Meetings with college representatives, mandatory college counseling workshop classes for seniors, and  a variety of parent workshops.
  • December of Senior Year

    Notification of Early Decision/Early Action applications issued by colleges and universities (dates vary by institution).
  • January – February of Senior Year

    Regular decision application deadlines (dates vary by institution).
  • Spring of Senior Year

    Notification of regular applications issued by colleges and universities (dates vary by institution).

    College Counseling Office hosts workshops for graduating seniors and their parents about making the transition to college life.
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