College Counseling

Forging ahead while looking within

Newark Academy’s College Counseling team sees the college search as a vital journey of self-discovery, one in which each student must chart the course based on personal plans, needs, and definitions of success. While the college counseling officially begins during a student’s junior year, that formal beginning is actually a culminating moment in a long process of growth and exploration that begins as soon as the student enrolls at NA.  

Working closely with teachers, grade counselors, advisors, coaches, and parents, NA’s college counselors help students identify and apply to colleges and universities that are best suited to their own interests, abilities and aspirations. Each of our students come to the college search process seeking something different. Our team of experienced college counselors build honest and thoughtful relationships with our students, encouraging and empowering them to identify and express their unique talents and experiences. The result is that each student finds their own best fit for the next leg in their life-long learning journey.

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Meet The Team

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  • Photo of Kerry Winiarski

    Kerry Winiarski 

    Director of College Counseling
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  • Photo of Jessica Cohen

    Jessica Cohen 

    Associate Director of College Counseling
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  • Photo of Kerri Speck

    Kerri Speck 

    Associate Director of College Counseling
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  • Photo of Mary Weinel

    Mary Weinel 

    Office Manager, College Counseling
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