Re-imagining Your Education at Newark Academy

Can learning be fun? Is reading a challenging book or solving a tricky problem something to celebrate? Does working alongside others help you thrive? Is integrity important to you?  

If so, you need a school that values critical thinking over memorizing, exploration over contentment, and meaningful connections over superficial interactions. Newark Academy is just that school.

  • Here, we’re re-imagining what it means to be a rigorous, transformative college preparatory school.

  • Here, your learning leads to confidence – in yourself and in your ideas.

  • Here, compassionate teachers and supportive classmates encourage you to take risks and to try again. Here, you’ll discover that serious thinking leads to the joy and the power of being you

Newark Academy seeks and celebrates diversity in its faculty, staff, and student body. In admissions and employment practices, scholarship aid and educational programs, Newark Academy upholds applicable state and federal laws and regulations prohibiting unlawful discrimination. 

Meet the Staff

List of 8 members.

  • Photo of Keith Fischer

    Keith Fischer 

    Director of Enrollment Management
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  • Photo of Alexis Sommers

    Alexis Sommers 

    Director of Admission and Financial Aid
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  • Photo of Kristen Johnson

    Kristen Johnson 

    Associate Director of Admission
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  • Photo of Troy Burki

    Troy Burki 

    Database Manager
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  • Photo of Allyson Richardson

    Allyson Richardson 

    Admission Associate
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  • Photo of Anita McKenna-Murphy

    Anita McKenna-Murphy 

    Front Office Manager
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  • Photo of Edward Pursell

    Edward Pursell 

    Faculty Admission Officer & English Teacher
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  • Photo of Maaike Kuen

    Maaike Kuen 

    Administrative Assistant
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Reimagining rigor for students in grades 6-12