Process Overview

Our admission process is student-centered and holistic in nature. It is thoughtfully designed to give prospective students and families a number of opportunities to get to know Newark Academy in an authentic way. It is also designed to give our office a chance to get to know each candidate through a variety of interactions and data points. Please see below for an overview of our process and approach. The series of events should begin one year prior to enrollment at Newark Academy.
✔️ Explore the NA website and complete the inquiry form.
✔️ Take a virtual tour.
✔️ Attend an event.
✔️ Begin the Online Admission Form.
✔️ Register to take one of two standardized Entrance Assessments, either the ISEE or the SSAT.
✔️ Request two years of prior transcripts from current school.
✔️ Complete the Online Admission Form and submit the application fee.
✔️ Schedule prospective student interview.
✔️ Begin application for financial aid (if applicable).
✔️ Deadline to submit the Online Admission Form and prior year transcripts.
✔️ Request teacher recommendations (current Math, current English and a current Teacher of Choice) through the Online Candidate Portal and request fall semester grades be sent to NA.
✔️ Submit financial aid application if applicable.
✔️ Ensure all supporting documents are submitted to NA. You can monitor and check your process through your Online Candidate Portal. Supplemental materials include the interview, Standardized Testing, teacher recommendations, and fall semester grades.
✔️ Admission and Financial Aid decisions issued.
✔️ Accepted Students and Families Reception.
✔️ Enrollment reply deadline.
✔️ Destination NA and Destination NA Welcome Event.
✔️ Ambassador Family Program.
✔️ Request final transcript and A-45 health record from current school.

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