Equity and Inclusion

Equity & Inclusion Statement

Newark Academy will cultivate a diverse school community where all members are welcomed, respected, valued, and celebrated. We are committed to our responsibility for fostering and maintaining a caring and inclusive community that thrives on intellectual, social, and emotional interactions across differences. Members of the Newark Academy community are encouraged to build trusting relationships with one another grounded in kindness and empathy. Through intentional, active, and ongoing engagement of multiple voices, we strive to create an equitable environment where all members can have a sense of belonging to learn and grow as citizens of the world.

Community Commitments for Belonging

All Newark Academy students, faculty, and staff are asked to review and commit to our Community Commitments emphasizing these five values: inclusivity, kindness, responsibility, trust, and growth mindset. In so doing, we hope to further our equity and inclusion goals.

We promote Inclusivity

  • We respect people, actively value diversity, and are committed to equity, dialogue, and restorative practices.
  • We promote a dynamic and intentional environment that fosters understanding, collaboration, participation, and a sense of belonging. 

We choose Kindness

  • Being friendly, generous, and considerate to yourself and others often require courage and strength, as it involves the willingness to acknowledge and celebrate others.
  • Choosing to promote care for others and practice camaraderie. 

We require Responsibility 

  • Responsibility for personal conduct, community well-being, and educational excellence.
  • Awareness and appreciation for differences are constantly reinforced through accountability for one’s choices, words, and actions.

We foster Trust

  • We build trust in every relationship to foster a culture of integrity, honesty, empathy, listening, reliability, and fairness.
  • Respect for and trust in oneself, the school, and each other.

We practice a Growth Mindset

  • We nurture a growth mindset in all aspects of school culture, modeling lifelong learning, fostering resilience, and encouraging learning from mistakes.
  • We recognize that Newark Academy’s work is never done in building an inclusive community and we are committed to ensuring all members of the community feel valued.


Office of Equity and Inclusion Staff

List of 7 members.

  • Photo of Rochelle Edwards

    Rochelle Edwards 

    Director of Equity & Inclusion
  • Photo of Andreas Aponte

    Andreas Aponte 

    Director of Auxiliary Services, Middle School E&I Coordinator
  • Photo of Callie Bond

    Callie Bond 

    Class of 2026 Dean, Upper School E&I Coordinator
  • Photo of James Coe

    James Coe Jr. 

    Dean, Class of 2022, Upper School E&I Coordinator
  • Photo of Kristin Duszak Russo

    Kristin Duszak Russo 

    Associate Director of Upper School Student Life, Upper School E&I Coordinator, Biology Teacher
  • Photo of Felipe Ledezma

    Felipe Ledezma 

    Spanish Teacher, Middle School E&I Coordinator
  • Photo of Hernando Santamaria

    Hernando Santamaria 

    Middle School Assistant Principal, NA Faculty, Boys' Varsity Soccer Head Coach, Director of NA Athletic Camps
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