Taking risks in performing arts

With classes offered at all grade levels, both the novice as well as the more experienced stage performer will find ample opportunities to progress at their own pace at our theatre program.

Students are exposed to the building blocks of dramatic study in order to become practitioners, as well as appreciators, of the art form. These include pantomime, improvisation, scene work, monologues, playwriting, directing, and the analysis of classical as well as contemporary texts.

Mastery of these skills and techniques act as a foundation upon which we build more complex and loftier goals; the ability to find meaning and to connect with others on a deeply human level. An acting class creates a sense of community in the most authentic of ways, and through a shared experience, young artists often carry their theatrical training into their future endeavors.

Jacqueline '21 Discusses Thriving Together with Peer Support and NA Arts

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