Impact Report

From the Chair of the Board of Trustees and Head of School

Dear Members of the Newark Academy Community, 
We are delighted to share with you Newark Academy’s Impact Report for the 2022-23 school year. It was an exceptional year at Newark Academy, with community milestones, notable achievements and new programs. None of those successes would be possible without the generous financial support provided through the Newark Academy Fund. We extend our deepest appreciation and gratitude to each and every one of you for your contributions. It is through your generosity and belief in Newark Academy’s mission and program that we are able to continue to provide a world-class education. 
Last year, Newark Academy celebrated several important institutional anniversaries, including its 10th year running the Classroom Internship Association Program (CIA) in which seniors intern in Middle School classrooms. It was the 20th year of the Community Art Exhibit, during which students, faculty, staff, parents and friends of the school were invited to share their works in the David Teiger ’47 Gallery for Studio Arts, inspired by a common theme, “Beneath the Surface.” The Newark Academy Parents Association (NAPA) hosted the school’s International Dinner for the 30th year. The evening included performances and traditional food from across the globe, allowing NA community members to come together and celebrate their diverse cultural and culinary heritages. 
We also established new programs and welcomed the return of several in-person alumni events. NA launched its Innovation in Teaching and Learning Fellowship Program, an incubator of innovative instructional practices. Our alumni were brought back together to engage in our Young Alumni Networking Night, our Inaugural Women’s Summit, and regional alumni receptions in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Florida. This year, we will continue this momentum by bringing alumni together in additional cities, including Boston and Washington, DC. 
Newark Academy raised more than $1.5 million – the largest amount ever contributed to the NA Fund. We have many leaders, volunteers and community members to thank for this historic achievement. All Newark Academy trustees, faculty and staff members donated to the NA Fund, and remarkably, 94 percent of new families contributed to the NA Fund, including — for the first time ever — all parents in the 6th grade class. We invite you to learn more about these and others’ gifts at work by viewing this year’s Impact Report
As we move forward and celebrate Newark Academy’s 250th anniversary, we remain grateful to all our donors for your unwavering support.


Donald M. Austin
Head of School
Samuel W. Croll III
Chair, Board of Trustees

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  • Financial Aid

    Each year, the number of donors choosing to support “Financial Aid” when contributing to the Newark Academy Fund steadily grows. This encouraging trend is accompanied by a corresponding increase in the financial aid that NA is able to provide, benefiting a greater number of students in need. Last year, more than 110 donors specifically designated donations for “Financial Aid,” allowing NA to distribute around $4 million in financial aid to 110 students. These numbers reflect our community’s unwavering commitment to ensuring that every student has access to a quality education, regardless of their financial circumstances.

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  • Teaching & Learning

    Over $180,000 was directed for “Teaching & Learning” when donors made their gifts to the Newark Academy Fund last year, underscoring the importance of our teachers and the invaluable relationships they build with their students as they steadfastly uphold NA’s mission. 

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  • Faculty & Staff NA Fund Chairs

    Kerri Speck
    Ed Pursell
  • Parent Ambassadors

    Emily Schonbraun - Chair
    Deb Caplan
    Jyoti Ananth 
    Catherine Thompson
    Katy Burns
    Arti Caprihan
    Susie Polow
    Kalpana Tumu
    Mindy Opper
    Casey Wanderer
    Meryll Grebow
  • Reunion Ambassadors

    Cosimo Fabrizio ’18
    Matthew Cowen ’13
    Joseph W. Longthorne ’08
    Andrew Goldberg ’08
    Shannon H. Hedvat ’03
    Lauren Jacobs-Lazer ’98
    Maria Teresa McNeilly-Anta ’93
    Jed S. Rosenthall ’93
    Melissa Shein ’88
    Sandy Asirvatham ’83
    Robert D. Hardison ’83
    Peter Feinberg ’73
    Paul Krieger ’73
  • Advancement Student Leadership Team

    Leo Caplan '23
    Marina Chernin '23
    Allie Singh '24
    Evan Caplan '24

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  • Day of Giving

    On Wednesday, February 15, 2023 we held our 10th annual Day of Giving. The day was filled with fun and generosity and more than $250,000 was raised from 366 donors to the Newark Academy Fund.

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  • 100 in 10 Alumni Challenge

    The second annual 100 in 10 Alumni Challenge was a huge success! Over this 10-day period, 159 alumni made a gift to the NA Fund to raise more than $28,000. 

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  • Teacher Appreciation

    Nearly 100 parents and alumni made gifts to the NA Fund to support and thank our faculty, staff and coaches during Teacher Appreciation Week. Every honoree received a card saying a gift was made in their honor. Thank you for supporting our teachers!
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