At Newark Academy, we are reimagining rigor—attaining impressive academic milestones and exceeding every traditional benchmark, while also developing our students as individuals. We safeguard our students' well-being and personal fulfillment, instilling a genuine love of learning.

Since 1774, our enduring purpose has been to help students create fulfilling lives through intellectual strength and personal integrity from a rigorous program of academics, arts and athletics. Our students, who live in Northern New Jersey and attend grades 6 through 12, move through each school day celebrating challenge due to the joy and fulfillment that is found when they are encouraged to do and learn more. Each century has seen the pursuit of that purpose take different forms.

Today, we strive to equip our students with intellectual agility, global perspectives, essential skills and the enthusiasm for life-long learning they need to successfully navigate the rapidly changing world. The Newark Academy approach is to maintain a welcoming community where everyone feels a genuine sense of belonging and is supported—thriving together.   

From the first day of Middle School through the last days at the Upper School, NA educators continuously recognize our students as uniquely promising individuals and inherently valuable people. They continuously work to ensure that every child feels valued and validated, thereby inspiring integrity and reimagining the rigor that is a hallmark of a Newark Academy education.

We welcome you to explore our website for a sense of how we are preparing our students to move boldly and confidently into the 21st century and into fulfilling and meaningful lives.
The Newark Academy Mission:

Newark Academy will contribute to the world engaged individuals instilled with a passion for learning, a standard of excellence, and a generosity of spirit.
An independent school for students in grades 6-12