Affording Newark Academy

A Newark Academy education benefits the student, the student’s family and the community at-large.  The Board of Trustees and administration are determined that Newark Academy remain accessible to promising students from across northern New Jersey. The cost of an NA education represents a significant investment for any family. In order to maintain our inclusive and socio-economically diverse community, Newark Academy contributes more than $3 million each year to financial aid. This assistance is offered to those students and families who demonstrate some level of financial need to meet the costs associated with enrollment, attendance and, in some cases,  costs beyond tuition and fees. In the 2021-2022 school year, 16 percent of the Newark Academy students, from families with a wide-range of income levels, received financial aid.

Newark Academy strives to meet 100% of demonstrated need, which can result in a full or partial aid award depending on the information provided in the financial aid application.

One aspect of NA’s financial aid program is the awarding of named scholarships to a select number of students. These awards include:

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For NA's Financial Aid guidelines, please click here.

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