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Connecting modern tools with timeless principles

At Newark Academy, we are delighted when technology simplifies a task, makes a process more efficient, or empowers us to accomplish what is otherwise unimaginable. With technology, we can work faster, see things in a new way, and tap into an immense knowledge base. At the same time, we view technology as a tool—and not an end unto itself. We embrace new tools because they enhance our ability to reach timeless goals of collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

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  • Our community benefits from a wireless network that offers connectivity across our campus.

  • Students use personal Mac laptops (as part of our Bring Your Own Mac initiative) or one of the many iMacs available in our three computer labs.

  • Every classroom is equipped with an interactive projector or SMARTboard and an AppleTV.

  • We use the full suite of tools available via Google Apps for Education.

  • Students become proficient with Office productivity software, along with industry-standard apps like Photoshop and Final Cut Pro.

  • Canvas, our learning management system, keeps students organized and connected to classmates, their teachers, and dynamic course content.

  • Special equipment includes 3D printers, laser scanners, and professional-grade filmmaking gear.

  • Technology-focused classes include computer science, mobile app development, robotics, and STEMinar (seminars co-taught by math and science faculty).

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