Upper School

Immersion Experience Requirement

Reimagining a Global Education

Newark Academy’s commitment to preparing students to become engaged citizens of the world goes well beyond the mission statement. In October 2008, the NA Board of Trustees, administration and faculty added a new graduation requirement, mandating that all NA graduates undertake at least one significant, off-campus Immersion Experience between 9th and 12th grades. 

The Immersion Experience requirement reinforces Newark Academy’s position as a leader in incorporating direct, experiential education into the curriculum. Emphasizing independent thinking, cultural understanding and global stewardship, immersion experiences teach students to “lean into discomfort” and adapt to unfamiliar situations—through one of three experience options:
NA students may choose to meet the Immersion Experience requirement through a group trip organized and led by members of the NA faculty or through an approved trip offered by a an outside organization. In some cases, a student may propose a self- designed experience for approval by the Director of the Immersion Experiences. Newark Academy makes every effort to offer students, and their families, with affordable options for fulling the Immersion Experience requirement. Students receiving financial aid from Newark Academy will receive a level of aid in covering trip costs commensurate with the percentage of their overall annual award.
Reimagining rigor for students in grades 6-12