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Hawkes Memorial Library

The Richard C. Hawkes Memorial Library is a dynamic 21st century learning commons. Strategically designed to meet the programmatic and learning needs of NA students, the library is purposefully zoned for collaborative learning, quiet research, instructional teaching, and relaxation. The Hawkes Memorial Library is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. each school day. In addition, students can access the library's extensive collection including books, online database, LibGuides, and helpful resources, remotely.

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  • Mission

    Through its design, resources, services and support, the Hawkes Memorial Library endeavors to meet the programmatic and learning needs of the Newark Academy students, faculty, and staff.  The library endeavors to provide students with open access to reliable information across a wide variety of information platforms; to help students develop information literacy through library instruction; to foster collaborative learning as well as quiet study in its strategic design; and to serve the faculty and their classroom teaching through partnership, training, and support.
  • Services

    The library staff is always available to answer questions, assist in locating materials or recommend resources for projects and research papers.

    Students will learn information literacy, gain support, and have access to the Interlibrary Loan. Middle school students will be formally introduced to the Library through the Drop & Read program.
  • Resources

    The Richard C. Hawkes Memorial Library provides patrons with a broad range of reliable information sources and services. Listed below are some of the resources available to students, faculty and staff. To help make the most use of the library resources, a knowledgeable staff is available to provide assistance.

    The library features:
    • Automated Catalog to 10,000 volumes
    • 42 LibGuides
    • Online Resources & Databases
    • Audio-visual support
    Our resources and databases include:
    • Automated Catalog (books and videos available at Hawkes Memorial Library)
    • Britannica Online    
    • EBSCO
    • Facts On File
    • Gale Biography in Context
    • Gale Global Issues in Context
    • Gale Middle School in Context 
    • Gale World History in Context
    • Grollier
    • JStor
    • Newsela
    • NewsBank
    • Oxford English Dictionary        
    • ProQuest Culture Grams
    • ProQuest New York Times
    • Science Direct
  • History

    Richard C. Hawkes Memorial Library

    April 27, 1965, a ceremony was held at Newark Academy to dedicate the library in the memory of Richard C. Hawkes (1938 - 1962). At that time, the library occupied three present-day classrooms and offices. In response to the Academy’s growth, the Board of Trustees built the present library wing, which was officially rededicated to Richard C. Hawkes on April 16, 1982.

    Richard’s father, Stuart, entered Newark Academy when Wilson Farrand was the Head of School and graduated in 1921. All three of his sons attended Newark Academy, and his youngest, Richard, died of cancer just two days before he was to graduate from Brown University. 

    A plaque just outside the library door eulogizes Richard C. Hawkes, “who in his brief lifetime used his energy and talents for the betterment of others.”

    Today, the Richard C. Hawkes Memorial Library is an active and engaging facility, offering information, resources, technological support and an ideal place for both individual and group study for the school community.
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