Pair of NA Students on Summit EMS

One has been interested in a career in medicine, the other was admittedly squeamish. Now, after volunteering as EMTs for Summit, both are wanting to work in the medical field.
Micaela Alpert ’21 recently joined Quinn Butler ’19 as a member of Summit’s Rescue Squad. Micaela is currently a Junior Member, and although she is not fully certified, she can go on rides, take down patient information, take vitals, help with ambulance equipment and participate in patient care throughout the call. She is planning on taking the EMT course in the spring and getting her state certification in June. 
“I originally got involved when I knew I was interested in the medical field. I looked around and I found our local volunteer first aid squad,” Micaela said. Quinn, meantime, also started as a cadet before taking an EMT course at Union County College and is now a certified NJ EMT, and he has a say in patient and action plans. Quinn has gone from a queasy teenager to wanting to study nursing at college. He credits his NA experience to be willing to even try such an endeavor. 
“The focus on trying new things allowed me to branch out and take a risk,” Quinn said about being an NA student. “You’re ok with trying things that make you a little uncomfortable.” 
Not to mention the real-world experiences translating to class, like taking IB Biology while taking the EMT course. “I found that my experiences outside of the classroom were applying to my studies,” Quinn said. 
Micaela likes the freedom students are given to explore at NA, and feels it feeds her thirst for knowledge. “The NA community makes me to want to learn more,” Micaela said. 
And last, but certainly not least, is the service to their community. 
“It’s rewarding to help out our neighbors. Along with gaining medical experience, we’re helping our community,” Micaela said. “It’s important to help out your community.”
The Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad is an independent non-profit corporation that is staffed entirely by volunteers and funded through private donations. To learn more, please visit